All the Wildly Fancy Outfits Spotted Last Night in the French Riviera

You may think the Cannes Film Festival itself is the annual fashion event of the French Riviera, but within it is a particularly noteworthy evening whose red carpet stands out all on its own. It’s the amFAR gala, which took place last night just as the festival itself was about to come to a close.

The yearly party is in honor of the foundation founded to help find a cure and treatment for AIDS, famously carrying the immense support of the late Elizabeth Taylor, who joined in 1985. Each year, as expected, those who attend do right by the iconic Taylor herself by pulling out all the stops as far as style goes. This year, that meant tons of dramatic hemlines from the likes of models Elsa Hosk and Sara Sampaio while Maria Borges and up-and-coming actress Laura Harrier were much more inclined to leave the drama to the back of their ensembles. Meanwhile, Paris Hilton, a Cannes regular, went the dramatic floral route in the best possible way.

Ahead, we’ve compiled the most wildly fancy moments of the night. Keep scrolling to see them all.