I'm a Zodiac Aficionado, and Here's What I'd Suggest Buying a Cancer

Friends and fellow editors can attest to the fact that one of the first questions I’ll ask someone is what's your zodiac sign? (I’ve pretty much done every one of my colleagues' birth charts at some point.) Astrology for me is much like fashion: It’s a great jumping-off point for exploring your personality and interpreting how others perceive you, and it's a powerful tool for accessing how you move through the world. What makes astrology so special is that because of the array of planetary placements an individual can have, they not only approach life differently, but each sign also has a unique perspective on style and different shopping staples.

And while I love all of them, as a Cancer sun sign, I have to pledge my allegiance to our stylish water sign babies. As the matriarchs of the zodiac, Cancers are intuitive and constantly taking care of others, so as we enter their season (June 21 through July 22), it’s more important than ever to treat them to a stylish gift. Whether they're a homebody, a beauty fanatic, or a fashion lover, as a fellow Cancer, I promise that they’ll cry tears of joy over these birthday gifts.

Under $50

Okay, call this a basic gift idea, but honestly, I stand by the assertion that all Cancers love a good candle. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with this chic home essential.

If you're looking for a gift that looks expensive but isn't, opting for unique hoop earrings is a sure way to impress the Cancer sign in your life. 

Cancer signs are also all about that dewy summer glow, so if you’re looking for the perfect present, give them the gift of summer-ready skin with this essential Glossier set. 

For any Cancer sign with a serious coffee-table-book collection, curator and critic Antwaun Sargent’s book makes a thoughtful gift. This book, which highlights the fashion industry’s more recent radical changes when it comes to Black representation, is a phenomenal purchase for any true fashion lover. 

The Cancer sign’s suggested color palette includes white, gray, silver, and cream. Palette aside, it's peak Cancer behavior to wear a lil' white top by the sea. 

While your ascendant sign can tell you all about your signature features, one thing that’s for sure is that for Cancer sun signs, it’s all about accentuating what you have—and Fenty’s highlighter and universal lip color is the perfect just for that.

The whole Cancer MO is to create a sanctuary with pieces that bring them joy and remind them of their loved ones. That's why, if you have a small budget for their gift, buying them a beautiful catchall dish is a great way to add to their home and show you care. 

Every Cancer needs a staple structured bag, but don’t get it twisted: This traditional-leaning zodiac sign doesn’t want something boring. Enter the perfect on-trend yet affordable bag for gifting. 

If we're talking about the matriarch of the zodiac, then we have to include a beauty gift suggestion from Mother McGrath. For Cancer signs, a lipstick collection is a key to creating on-point summer-ready makeup looks

Call it another Cancer love language, but we love some comfortable underwear that makes us feel like we’re at home no matter where we are on Earth. As a Cancer sign, I can attest to how comfortable the cotton, sustainably made underwear line Knickery is. Honestly, you might want to buy one for yourself—every pair is basically a summer breeze.

Not sure what their signature scent is? Another gift idea for the Cancer birthday baby in your life is this discovery kit from female-founded brand Ellis Brooklyn

Every Cancer sign I know has low-key looks on deck to bust out on any given notice. This dress from Carly Cushnie's limited collection for Target is the type of dress that belongs in that repertoire. 

I'll say it again: Water signs are all about that dewy skin glow. Whether your friend is by the water or at home, this mist kit will help them embrace their glow. 

Under $150

Sorry to break it to you, but Rihanna isn't a Cancer sun sign—she's a Pisces. But that's okay because who wouldn't want a coffee table book in their home that celebrates a fellow water sign?  

We’ve established that Cancer’s color palette includes white, but have we acknowledged that this skirt is also very on brand for Cancer’s signature style? While they are classic, they do love a piece with a little bit of a flair, and this skirt fits the bill. 

Since Cancers are the homemakers of the zodiac, they’re all about gifts that make their lives at home even better. Silk pillowcases definitely fall into that category. Even if your cancer friend doesn’t have curly hair (like I do), this gift can make their sleep even dreamier than before. 

Every Cancer sign needs a good pair of slides that can be worn by the water or to the farmers market. You can't go wrong with this simple, classic style. 

As weird as it sounds, every zodiac sign has a body part that’s associated with it. For Cancer signs, it happens to be their chest, breasts, and stomach. This is why for any Cancer sun sign, investing in a statement halter top for the summer is essential to showing off what the universe gave you.

Bath time can be a revitalizing wellness habit for any water sign. But if you've found that your favorite Cancer friend or colleague is a little more on edge with everything happening in the world, sending them this CBD bath salt gift can be the perfect way to inspire self-care. 

If it's absolutely necessary to wear a bra, you better believe a Cancer sign is going to opt for the prettiest one out there. Rest assured it also comes with matching high-waisted baby blue briefs ($50). 

Cancer signs can be extremely empathetic, and often, worrying about others or the news can turn to stress. The perfect small gift for a Cancer sign friend who's struggling (or yourself) is this supplement-and-moisturizer kit to help establish a wellness routine.  

Is it just me or do these sandals give off under-the-sea vibes? For the crab of the zodiac, ocean-inspired sandals are a must.

If the Cancer friend in your life can't stop talking about their skincare routine, then Sunday Riley's Superstars Kit is the perfect gift for them. Featuring some of its most beloved products, including Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment and A+ High-Dose Retinol Serum, this is a gift that will keep on giving (to their skin, of course). 

Cancer’s birthstone isn’t just the ruby—it also includes moonstone and pearl. So if you’re looking for a truly timeless gift, this set of pearl earrings is perfect. 

What I love about this fragrance set for fellow Cancer signs is that every scent's name is the epitome of coziness. Plus, the variety of scents is a no-fail gift, since they're almost guaranteed to fancy at least one! 

While Cancers may suffer from finding a suit that fits their bust (like I do), finding the perfect swimsuit that strikes a balance between classic and trendy is a never-ending search for these water signs. Luckily, this suit definitely fits the bill.


As summer babies, Cancer signs know the importance of always having a pair of statement sunglasses on hand.

As the mother of the Zodiac, every Cancer needs a lil’ strappy dress that pays tribute to the stars.

Every Cancer sign needs a go-to tote for grocery runs or socially distanced days at the beach. Can we agree that this Jacquemus tote is a great contender?

Until we beat COVID-19, our beloved facial appointments will have to wait—but that doesn't mean you can't still give a thoughtful skincare gift. For Cancer signs that swear by the power of facials, this at-home facial toner device is the perfect birthday present. 

ICYMI, bra tops are very on trend right now, and frankly, there's no other zodiac sign I see fully embracing this trend like my fellow Cancers. 

Another piece you can expect the Cancer sign in your life will love? A statement gold necklace. As a jewelry-brand fanatic and a fellow water sign, I can attest to the joy of receiving—and always wearing—a beautiful piece from loved ones. 

At some point, any beauty aficionado has probably heard of, thought about trying, or actually tried the 10-step Korean skincare routine popularized by Soko Glam. If the Cancer sign in your life is one of these people, then this is basically the gift that keeps on giving great skin.

Cancer signs are all about feminine hemlines, which makes this dress worthy of gifting sans receipt. 

Yes, we’re homebodies, but you better believe that Cancers are all about elevated lounging, which is precisely why this sleepwear set would be a much-appreciated gift. Cozy and chic? That’s Cancer’s whole aesthetic.

It doesn’t get more on brand for a water sign than sea-inspired accessories. And this pearl bag? Let’s just say I even bought it myself; that’s how Cancer-approved it is.

Cancers are all about collecting unique pieces for their abodes, which makes it pretty clear that this ceramic body vase from a Parisian designer is a must for their well-curated home. 

We may joke about a Cancer sign's inherent moodiness, but honestly, it’s the best trait when it comes to personal style. Cancers are all about having fun statement pieces for when the mood strikes them, so I'm pretty sure that this bold Brother Vellies bag will have them in their feelings. 

You already know that Cancer signs are all about that next-level candle game, and if you're really trying to impress, this over-the-top candle with 150 hours of burning time will do the trick. Just remember that it's always the thought that counts with these sentimental zodiac signs.