29 Things to Buy From Nordstrom, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Raise your hand if you remember my last zodiac-based story. Back in October, I polled women from each sign to share their favorite Zara picks, and now I'm back at it again—except this time it's Nordstrom items. I sent out a ton of new DMs asking stylish ladies what their sign is and if they'd be interested in participating, and I was excited to hear plenty of enthusiastic responses. In the words of one respondee: "This is my SHIT. I know so much about astrology." 

I asked them to explain how their picks relate to their zodiac sign, and I received thoughtful explanations. "Sagittarius signs like things to be easy and breezy in all aspects of our lives (we are the optimists of the zodiac, after all), and that definitely applies to our closets, too," Anna LaPlaca told me. On the other end of the spectrum is Tyla-Lauren, a Virgo: "Being a Virgo, I live for structure in my daily life and in my clothing," she told me. To each her own. Scroll down to shop items recommended by each sign of the zodiac. 


The 26 Best Things to Buy From Nordstrom



"Being a Virgo, I live for structure in my daily life and in my clothing. This Ganni blazer is the perfect shade of red, and I love the subtle plaid print." — Tyla-Lauren

"As a Virgo, I love to start spring with white sneakers that can be dressed up or dressed down. These Alexander McQueen shoes are classic and can be worn in so many different ways." — Tyla-Lauren


"Libras are idealistic and tend to hope for the best, which may be why I'm still excited about shopping for summer days even though I'm not leaving the house right now. I'm obsessed with all things puff-sleeved, and this sweet floral print is too cute. Plus, the on-sale $32 price is right up my alley." — Erin Fitzpatrick

"This dress also plays into the Libra's sense of idealism. This has me looking forward to a trip to Palm Springs once the dust settles on our current situation. Can't you just picture wearing this by the pool at a mid-century house? One can dream!" — Erin Fitzpatrick

"Libras tend to be easygoing, which is exactly how I'd describe my personal style. I find it hard to pull off things that are too flashy, so something like this midi dress does the trick for me. I own this one and can vouch that it's extremely comfortable—even as a lounge-around-the-house dress." — Erin Fitzpatrick

"Libras can be very indecisive, which definitely plays into how I make shopping purchases. However, if something is affordable and practical, it's much easier for me to pull the trigger because there isn't as much back-and-forth in terms of weighing the pros and cons. These $49 jeans are a great price for quality jeans. I especially love flares because they balance out my wider hips. (Oh, and Libras love balance too!)" — Erin Fitzpatrick


"Cancers are all about the softer things in life: Mama Earth, fluffy animals, and rom-com. Cult Gaia is the perfect brand for Cancers due to its Earth Mama vibe and is soft enough to Netflix and chill but cool enough should the Cancer decide not to bail on plans later—no promises." — Ali Tate

"Cancers are the cardinal mother sign of the zodiac, and what better color than pink for a Cancer? Soft, feminine, and nostalgic—what better represents this maternal sign?" — Ali Tate

"Nothing better than wearing your heart on your sleeve for a Cancer, so go all out in a pink coordinating outfit! Looking like a professional softie. It takes you from work to bar to home where we may have a weep just for fun!" — Ali Tate


"Sagittarius signs like things to be easy and breezy in all aspects of our lives (we are the optimists of the zodiac after all), and that definitely applies to our closets, too. Take this lightweight linen dress, for example, which looks like it would allow me to move freely and feel as comfortable as possible." — Anna LaPlaca

"Wanderlust might seem like a cliché, but as a Sagittarius, I can honestly say it's so true. I'm always on the go and looking out for my next adventure whether it be near or far, so you can be sure that a pair of sporty sandals like these are high on my priority list. And it doesn't hurt that the croc effect makes them all the chicer." — Anna LaPlaca


Best Zodiac Shopping Picks



"Pisces are ruled by the feet and are known to sacrifice a little comfort for fashion. These whimsical sandals are just what I need for a (hopefully) post-quarantine summer. Also I love a stacked heel for comfort." — Chrissy Rutherford

"I love a rattan bag for the warmer months because they go with any look for any occasion." — Chrissy Rutherford

"I always like to set the mood at home, even if it's just for myself. Candles that smell good and look good in my home are a must." — Chrissy Rutherford


The 26 Best Things to Buy From Nordstrom



"Aquarian signs are are trendy, experimental, unique, and creative. Comfort is key, but also looking our best is important, so this satin dress will definitely be a perfect outfit to wear on a long night out. Aquarians are risk-takers and love to wear things that stand out but aren’t asking for too much attention. Something simple yet daring such as a bold color to help make us stand out from the rest. A color like this one will show our intense part of our personality since we Aquarians love to be original." — Sally Ashour


The 26 Best Things to Buy From Nordstrom



"According to my zodiac sign, Taurus, I love being surrounded by beautiful things and high-quality clothes, and that is probably true. It's kind of weird, but I can actually feel it in my body when I'm wearing a beautiful outfit. It's so much more fun, and it lightens up my day!" — Karoline Dall

"Taurus signs are also very practical. As much as I like beautiful clothes, I also like my outfits to be practical so I'm feeling comfortable all day. These boots are ideal for the rainy weather in Copenhagen right now!" — Karoline Dall


The 26 Best Things to Buy From Nordstrom



"Capricorns tend to be a bit more introverted, which is why it makes sense that when it comes to jewelry, I like pieces that are luxe without being overly flashy. Chunky hoops hit just the right balance." — Aemilia Madden

"Capricorns are considered down-to-earth and hardworking, which is why streamlined workwear is always in my shopping cart. I love the oversize look of this Alexander Wang tuxedo blazer. It's fancy but doesn't take itself too seriously." — Aemilia Madden

"As a sign that prefers the practical things in life, I try to focus on seasonal trends that are actually wearable in everyday life (why I've never been able to commit to stilettos or princess dresses). I appreciate the current proliferation of lug-soled shoes because they happen to be cool and cold-weather friendly. These loafers are currently on my must-have list." — Aemilia Madden


Best Scorpio Fashoion



"I love how I look and feel in Mother Denim's The Hustler Ankle Fray jeans. As a fiercely loyal Scorpio, once I find a fit that I love, I'm committed. These tick all the boxes for me, from their high-waisted silhouette to the ankle-grazing length, which is perfect with any pair of shoes." — Catherine Smith

"As a Scorpio with a deep sense of eternal optimism, I'd go for an Ulla Johnson dress in a beautiful statement print that I'll look forward to wearing with my loved ones, hopefully, on a summer weekend with sandals. In the meantime, I'd tap my love for an everyday glamour moment by wearing this in my kitchen to make my next quarantine dinner." — Catherine Smith


Aries Shopping Picks



"Aries signs are well known for being straightforward, which is true, but this is also the first sign of the zodiac and stands for the beginning of spring. We can be romantic and caring too, so this beautiful midi dress by Reformation would be the perfect item to represent that." —Aïda 

"As a true Aries and Sagittarius ascendant, both of my signs are related to fire, so even if I’m kind of a chill person, I like being on the go most of the time. That's why comfort is key to me, even when I want to be a little bit sexy but chic. I always choose sandals with a little height so I can be comfortable and chic all night without having my feet screaming for help." —Aïda 

"I’m always buying dresses that can be versatile depending on what I have to do, and these vegan sneakers would be perfect for a casual day like grocery shopping or just a walk." —Aïda 


"This dress is maybe too casual for the usual avant-garde Leo, but I'm feeling changed by this situation and not too eager to dress hop too much. I just wanna feel grounded and a bit springtime romantic without losing any cool which makes this dress the perfect choice." — Fanny Ekstrand

"Well, hello, Leo?? The classic Birkenstock made hairy is a complete man repeller, I'll tell you that. This means I have an even bigger task convincing people I'm cool than usual but no match for a Leo. I may lack good taste in shoes, but I do not lack confidence." — Fanny Ekstrand


Gemini Clothing Picks



"Geminis have a habit of being massive flirts, even if they can't help it, and half the time, they don't even realize they are doing it. Being flirty must not only mean how the Geminis express themselves but of course also how they look. With this flirty blouse, everyone, women and men, will look after you on the street." — Thérèse Hellstrom