What's the Deal With This Controversial Wedding Guest Outfit?

With wedding season come weekend trips and late-night dancing with friends, but also the issue of finding an outfit to wear to the celebration. Unlike other events, weddings come with a specific set of guidelines and traditions, but a lot of these have changed and evolved over time. Like many etiquette rules surrounding others' "I dos," appropriate wedding guest attire can often fall into a gray area. Among them is the much-debated question: Can you wear black to a wedding?

There are no clear-cut answers on this. If often varies based on the specific event and people getting married (and it never hurts to consult the couple if you're really stumped). But to help us cut through all of the opinions out there, we asked fashion girls about their thoughts on the matter. What to hear where they stand on the issue?

Keep reading to find out fashion girls' thoughts on if you can wear black to a wedding.