Wait, Did Kate Middleton Just Get A Butterfly Cut With Bangs?


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If there's one hairstyle that I'm seeing everywhere at the moment, it's the butterfly haircut. It practically took over TikTok earlier in the year, and I can totally see why. If you're yet to watch any before-and-after videos, you're in for a treat, as this cut adds serious bounce and volume. However, in my opinion, there's one thing that makes the butterfly haircut even better, and that's bangs. The trending hairstyle already has a '90s feel to it, but a fringe takes the retro vibe to the next level, and I'm obsessed.


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And it seems like I am not the only one. Now, even Kate Middleton has opted to try the trim, having stepped out earlier today with a butterfly cut (in her signature wavy style of course) and soft bangs.

To find out why people can't get enough of this combination,I've spoken to the experts for all their insider knowledge, and I've also rounded up all of the inspiration you could ever need to convince you to get the chop. Just keep on scrolling…

What Is the Butterfly Haircut?

First things first, what actually is the butterfly haircut? According to Emma Vickery, creative director at Percy & Reed, the haircut involves '90s-style face framing. "Think Jennifer Aniston in her Friends era with voluminous curtain bangs," she says. It often features lots of layers in different lengths, which is why it adds a lot of volume and bounce to the hair. Our very own managing editor, Poppy Nash, tried the haircut earlier in the year and said, "I was so impressed with how much healthier and thicker my hair looked. I also went for very subtle side bangs which helped frame my face. I've got a haircut booked for next week and will 100% be getting the same again!" 


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Can Bangs Enhance the Butterfly Haircut?

Although a lot of butterfly-haircut styles include subtle side bangs, you can also add a more statement fringe to this look. According to Vickery, a fringe can help enhance the hairstyle overall. That being said, there are a few exceptions. "A fringe focuses on weight removal around the front, so it suits slightly thicker hair types," she advises. "Therefore, it could make finer hair textures look and feel even thinner."

How to Style a Butterfly Haircut With Bangs:

If you do decide to take the plunge, it's important to know how to style this look to keep up that post-salon look. Luckily, celebrity hair stylist Desmond Grundy gave me all of the tips and tricks. "Styling this haircut starts with the blowdry. If dry, lightly dampen the hair with a water spray and section it through with a volumising mousse as you dry.

"Once you’ve done that, take a heated barrel tong. For movement, you want to tong the hair section by section. Then, toss the head forward, and with your fingers, lightly tousle the hair all the way around the scalp, keeping your head forward. Spray under the hair with a hairspray or a dry shampoo for texture and volume."

Butterfly Haircut With Bangs Inspiration:


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I love how these bangs perfectly blend into the butterfly cut.


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Take notes from Emily Ratajkowski and go for a statement, sweeping fringe.


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Or go for a subtle side fringe for a natural look.


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Heidi Klum pulls off this trending style effortlessly.


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This is one of the most beautiful butterfly haircuts I've seen.


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This style works for all hair types, including coily hair.


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Oh, and short hair too!


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This haircut is a great example of how side bangs can add extra volume.


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The hair, the corsage… I love everything about this.


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Opt for subtle highlights for even more dimension.

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