The Bridesmaid Dresses Our Fashion Editors Would Wear

Whether you're the bride on the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dress for your friends or you're the bridesmaid given free reign to choose your own dress, finding the "right" frock can feel overwhelming. These days, the idea of wearing a bridesmaid dress more that once isn't an unrealistic pipe dream. But how do you find one that doesn't fall into that cookie cutter mold, exudes style, and is still wedding appropriate? For inspiration, I tapped into our team of Who What Wear fashion editors to see what they would wear if they could choose their own bridesmaid dress. Scroll on to see their seriously chic picks that you or your bridesmaid would most certainly want to wear again.

"An on-trend color and fabric for $70, what more could you want?"

"I love the hue of this dress, and the wrap-style design lends a flattering silhouette."

"I think this dress is perfect for a wedding in a modern venue. It looks especially elegant with black heels, and the reversible 'mermaid' sequins would be a conversation starter all night."

"While I'm not usually a particularly modest dresser, this look has something elegant yet fun going on that makes it perfect for an evening wedding."

"Not to toot my own horn or anything, but for my wedding, I asked all my bridesmaids to wear a pastel or neutral-colored dress of their choosing, and I think it both worked out nicely for photos and gave them a bit more freedom than the traditional bridesmaid dress requirements. That said, if I were in a wedding with the same parameters, I would definitely choose this light mint dress by Glamorous. Not only is it relatively affordable, but I love the ruffle-neck detail, and it really feels forward for a bridesmaid dress. In fact, I might even just buy it now."

"I absolutely love this color and cut. The delicate ruffles make the dress festive yet classic. Plus, I would definitely wear this dress post-ceremony and be really excited about it."

"Bridesmaid dresses often get a bad rep, but I'd gladly wear this interesting ruffled slip dress during (and long after) the wedding day."

"In my opinion, the best bridesmaid dresses aren't bridesmaid dresses at all. Something romantic and floral with a midi length always fits the bill."

"At my wedding, I chose a unique mix and match of dresses for my bridesmaids in silvery metallic hues. This one would have fit the bill perfectly." 

"This dress has everything a bridesmaid could want: a pretty silhouette, some not-too-frilly details, a color that won't feel completely tired next year, and it's currently 50% off."

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