9 New Bridal Jewelry Trends You Need to Know About


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When it comes to weddings, we so often think about the bride's dress, her shoes, and her engagement ring, but there's a lot more that goes into her full look than the bread and butter sartorial adornments. For example, all the fine jewelry that goes along with the aforementioned essentials. Year after year, there are ebbs and flows as far as bridal jewelry trends are concerned, and today, we're here to discuss the newest ones on the block. Don't worry, most of these trends are engagement ring–focused, but thanks to the insights from the talented jewelry designers ahead, we were given a broader scope of what's trending in the bridal world this year. 

Here, you will hear from designers like Jade Trau, Renna Brown-Taher, Ashley Zhang, and more on the nine bridal jewelry trends they are predicting will be huge this year. From statement earrings to unique engagement ring settings, the selection ahead will have you ready for all the best new jewelry styles to wear on the big day. 

Trend: Navette Rings

"Navette rings! Whether they're vintage or new, I think we'll see more brides-to-be opting for a gorgeous Navette style as their engagement ring. They're timeless and romantic but a bit alternative all at once. For a girl who really wants to go against the norm, go for emerald versions of this ring style." — Colette Steckel, founder and designer, Colette Jewelry

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Trend: Bezel Settings

"I am seeing a lot more people interested in a bezel setting as opposed to a prong setting. It’s a more modern take on the diamond halo. The bonus—it definitely helps maximize the appearance of your stone, but feels more mature and less cliche than a diamond halo." — Octavia Zamagias, founder and designer, Octavia Elizabeth Jewelry

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Spinelli Kilcollin Freya Ring (price upon request)

Trend: Statement Earrings

"Statement earrings for the big day have been a continually increasing trend, both for brides and the mother of the bride." — Melissa Kaye

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Trend: Colored Stones

"Colored stones are becoming more and more popular in engagement rings, especially when paired with white diamonds. Whether as the main stone, side stones or in a halo, you get the best of both the individuality and vibrancy of a colored center stone but also the irresistible sparkle of diamonds. Some of the most popularly requested colors include shades of blue (think sapphires, spinels, aquamarines), a soft pale yellow (in diamonds and sapphires), teal greens, and blues (sapphires, tourmalines).” — Michelle Oh

"We're seeing a trend toward clients coming in with a family stone they'd like to incorporate in their engagement ring, and it’s not always a diamond! We've recently created beautiful original rings for clients using their own ruby, sapphires, aquamarine, and even amethyst in a setting that incorporates a family heirloom in one of our handcrafted, timeless settings. We love blending these elements to create the perfect ring for our clients to wear and treasure.” — Corina Madilian of Single Stone

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Trend: Necklaces For Necklines

"When is comes to the modern bride, we are seeing tons of unique necklines in wedding gowns. We are seeing less and less of the traditional strapless and sweetheart neckline and more off the shoulder, deep V-necks and even high necklines. Because of these trends, many brides are opting for jewelry that will complement these unique designs. They are looking for something simple that won't take away from their look, but they also don't want to sacrifice sparkle. Our diamond tennis necklace is the perfect piece to compliment these bridal trends. It has a super-blingy look and is extremely versatile. You can wear the necklace at multiple lengths—from choker to a 16-inch necklace or even as a double wrap tennis bracelet.” — Olivia Landau, founder, The Clear Cut

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Trend: Pearls

"I think because pearls emerge from the sea perfectly formed, no cutting, no polishing, just as they are, there is a certain romanticism surrounding them. Pearl engagement rings are on the rise this year—I think because they are under the radar, unassuming but still incredibly classic. With all the debate regarding synthetic versus natural diamonds, some people are opting out of the debate entirely now." — Renna Brown-Taher, founder and designer, Renna Jewels

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Trend: Mixed Metals

"I think mixing metals is back and I'm so excited about it! I've always been about wearing all gold colors layered together, but incorporating it into one engagement ring and still keeping it modern is something that's new to me, and I think ready for a beautiful revival." — Jade Trau

"Mixing metals in engagement ring settings and bands will continue to rise in popularity. My clients love to mix yellow and white metals in their bridal stack. This makes it easy to have the diamonds pop in the white metal and to mix in your everyday yellow gold jewelry with your bridal set." — Ashley Zhang

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Trend: Open Rings

"Our signature open rings are really what catapulted us into the bridal category and continue to be our most popular style for brides-to-be. Couples come to us to create something completely new, or they have an heirloom stone they want to breathe new life into. We love how the silhouette allows us (and the client) to work with endless combinations of stone cuts, angles, colors, shapes, and sizes—each time creating something truly bespoke. Our open rings embody the casual luxury ethos our brand has become synonymous with, and they suit the lifestyles of so many women today." — Stephanie Wynne Lalin and Jenny Klatt, designers, Jemma Wynne

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Trend: Everyday Fine

"I see a beautiful shift in bridal jewelry from the overly decorative to more personal, modern styles—almost the same as jewelry suited to daily wear. With that in mind, we added a line of minimal pieces with just the right amount of decorative elements: our Meridian Studs and bracelet, which have micro-pavé and tiny round stones as well as the new Theda Arc and Theda bands, which feature stunningly simple baguette diamonds!" — Anna Sheffield 

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