The Biggest Engagement Ring Trends From the Past 10 Years

Engagement rings are pieces of jewelry most everyone is familiar with, and whether you're already engaged, about to be, or couldn't care less, looking at diamonds and gemstones is still always enticing. Over time, as with any article of clothing, engagement rings have experienced their fair share of trends, and today, we get to admire the biggest ones.

We touched base with Brilliant Earth, now the global leader in ethically sourced bridal and fine jewelry, to get some insider knowledge on the biggest engagement ring trends over the past 10 years. Think you remember them all? So did we, but once Brilliant Earth singled out a trend for every year starting in 2008, there were definitely a few that surprised us. From classic halos to rose gold to pear shapes, enjoy the ride as the experts at Brilliant Earth walk you through the engagement ring styles that mattered most throughout the last decade.

It's clear that engagement ring trends have truly varied over time, and to be honest, we're not sure can pick a trend we love the most. If you're in the mood for more engagement ring content, check out the surprising history of engagement rings here.

This post was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated.