Why Blake Lively Doesn't Want a Stylist to Dress Her


James Devaney/GC Images

It's hard to argue against the fact that Blake Lively is one of Hollywood's best dressed women. She consistently turns out winning street style moments—from her three outfit changes within a matter of hours to her mastery of the art of Valentine's Day dressing—that leave us in complete awe. But what makes these looks all the more impressive is that they were all pieced together by the actress herself—sans the help of a stylist. (Lively is one of few in Hollywood who actually style themselves, and that's something we quite admire about her.)

In a recent interview with Women's Wear Daily, Lively opened up about the reason she chooses to opt out of working with a stylist, and her points seem pretty valid to us. "Probably because I have control issues and a big ego—that's probably the honest answer," she shared, going on to explain that while she does prefer to have complete control over what she wears, she also enjoys the entire process of piecing together an outfit (and the creative expression it allows).

"I just like it. I love design, and I love fashion, and it's a way to be creative," she added. "In my job, I get to be creative, but it's over a period of time and so many other people are involved, whereas this is a beginning, middle, and end, and I get to be creative and there's an end date in the near future."

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