22 Pairs of Chic Black Shoes You 100% Need This Fall

Best Black Shoes For Fall


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I haven't run the stats or anything, so don't quote me on this, but if I were to guess, black shoes would rank the #1 most purchased color shoe across the board. And with good reason, of course. Come fall, however, I would anticipate that number to spike even further. Since fall color palettes are naturally darker, black shoes are a go-to in most women's closets and chances are your current assortment could use some updating. Lucky for you, we found 22 of the chicest pairs of black shoes for fall and shopped them out for you below including boots, mules, and more. 

Curious where we found them? Three words: The RealReal. If you aren't familiar with The RealReal, it's a luxury resale site where you can find pre-loved (as I like to call it) designer goods including everything from Louis Vuitton luggage to Prada headbands, but today we're focusing on solely all the best designer black shoes we could find for the fall season ahead. Instead of splurging on the latest and greatest, sometimes it's wise to take a step back and see what else your money can get you that's just as good. Ready to see our picks? Go on, then—scroll! Because I can promise you this—if you don't buy them, someone else will and then you'll regret it.


Clogs are about to blow up, mark my words. 

Is that Prada for under $200? Yes, it is. 

The perfect boots to wear under dresses and skirts this fall.

Slip these on with jeans and a sweater and call it a day.

Croc is a fall trend we're pretty much always behind. 

More affordable Prada to tickle your fancy. 

Buy these and wear them before it gets too cold. 

In the market for a unique ankle boot that's still black? Look no further. 

The heels on Rosetta Getty shoes always leave us with a smile. 

Perfect for all cocktail parties and formal events this holiday season. 

I'm sorry, but these Chanel boots will never get old. 

These with funky socks will be a look to remember. 

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