10 Black-Owned Fragrance Brands to Put on Your Radar

Fragrance has the ability to help us explore the world with our senses and subsequently allows us to create fond memories sparked by a scent. However, one thing we know for sure is the fragrance industry lacks diversity in the perfumers and creators who craft the beautiful scents we all love. Lucky for us, there are Black pioneers creating space within the industry.

As a beauty writer, I enjoy the options that come from traditional fragrance houses. But there is something so sweet about spritzing a Black-owned brand's perfume on my body as I walk out the door. Over the last few years, I've found quite a few fragrance options that I love from Black founders. As I did the research for this story, I was elated to see the growing number of options, with some brands being sold at my favorite retailers such as Nordstrom, Sephora, and Net-a-Porter.

Below, you'll get to know 10 Black-owned fragrance brands that are paving the way and creating unique scents that will become a part of your daily rotation.

1. La Boticá

Founded by Dawn Marie West, La Boticá is a luxury fragrance house offering everything from home fragrance to everyday perfume. Each scent is unique and made with handcrafted, sustainable offerings centering ingredients from South America.

This fragrance—which is also offered in candle form—is one of my favorites from La Boticá. Casablanca's earthy, grounded scent is inspired by the spirit and landscapes of Morocco.

Notes: fig leaf, davana, fig, orris, white cedar, galbanum

Travel to Barcelona through your senses as the notes of peony rose, mandarin, and grapefruit alongside sultry musk and wood take you away.

Notes: grapefruit, peony, mandarin, rose, pink pepper, woods, musk

2. Kimberly New York

Launched in 2016, Kimberly New York has become a favorite among fragrance lovers. Each eau de parfum is infused with a proprietary blend of 20% fragrance oil and natural solvents, creating long-lasting fragrances safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Bursting with a fresh, light scent, this is a perfect warm-weather fragrance that is all about celebrating diversity.

Notes: Asian pear, Fuji apple, fresh rose apple, rosé champagne

This best-selling fragrance started it all for the brand. The sweet yet grounded scent is inspired by the thought of a romantic day at the museum.

Notes: red candied apple, sparkling violet, marshmallow accord, creamy sandalwood

3. Fenty Beauty

I wasn't surprised when the original bad gal added a fragrance to Fenty Beauty's lineup in 2021 given all the confirmations of how amazing she smells.

Fenty Eau de Parfum's mix of scents creates a bold fragrance that will stand out in any crowd.

Notes: magnolia, musk, tangerine, vanilla, coconut blueberry, Bulgarian rose, geranium, patchouli

4. Maya Njie Perfumes

Merging founder Maya Njie's Swedish and West African cultures, this indie perfume brand develops each fragrance with essential oils, aroma compounds, and resins in small handmade batches.

With the name of this fragrance inspired by Minnie Riperton's '70s hit, this is an earthy scent that's described as an "unbound celebration of life, love, and creation."

Notes: floral musk, magnolia, bergamot, neroli, fig, wood

This fragrance is inspired by the warm aroma of traditional Swedish buns. All of its notes are blended by hand.

Notes: vanilla, cardamom, patchouli, cedarwood, amber, musk

5. World of Chris Collins

Founder Chris Collins—who you may know from Ralph Lauren campaigns—launched his eponymous luxury fragrance line, World of Chris Collins, in 2018, which features fragrances that evoke a sense of elegance and history.

With a blend of sugar, spice, and everything nice, this perfume adds a sense of mystery and spice to any fragrance collection.

Notes: cognac accord, plum, cedarwood

Want a new fragrance for date night? I think this 1920s nightlife–inspired scent is the one. With a blend of orris and musk, it evokes the experience of smoking a fine cigar and drinking a top-shelf rum.

Notes: rum accord, orris, sandalwood

6. Pink MahogHany

Founded by self-taught perfumer Chavalia in 2005, the independent fragrance brand is all about creating scents for those who have sensitivities to traditional fragrances.

As a tribute to the founder's mother, this sweet blend offers a comforting yet classic scent.

Notes: rose, mint, peach, musk

We love a fun, seductive fragrance, and this vacation-esque scent embodies just that.

Notes: sweet pineapple, vanilla

7. Mair

Launched in October 2015, Mair's mission is to share laughter and joy and tie scent to beautiful memories through fine fragrance.

With floral notes gathered from the fields of Drôme, France, this romantic fragrance will take you across the pond and into the depth of your senses.

Notes: pear, orange blossom, peonies, jasmine, rose, warm musk, cashmere wood

This well-balanced fragrance can shine day or night—it's long-lasting, too.

Notes: jasmine, Italian bergamot, amber

8. Travertine

Inspired by world travel, Travertine expanded into fragrance with handmade unisex fragrances created by the brand's in-house perfumer with unique botanical ingredients.

This calming, bright fragrance is reminiscent of a gorgeous day by the water.

Notes: green gourd, citrus, petitgrain, sandalwood, German blue chamomile

This light fragrance can be worn day or night and from season to season.

Notes: South American neroli, tart citrus, Bulgarian lavender, bold floral notes

9. Savoir Faire

Founded by artist Chris Classic, Savoir Faire's mission is to make the world and love of fragrance available to all.

If you're looking for an introduction to this pioneer fragrance brand, give this easygoing scent a try.

Notes: fresh earth, sandalwood, fig, white sage, pear musk, Japanese cedar

Love the scent of sage? Give this a spritz to clear your energy and space.

Notes: wild-harvested palo santo, clary sage, oud, Ambroxan, bergamot, Japanese cedar, tobacco, grapefruit, musk, cardamom, Cashmeran, heliotrope

10. Brown Girl Jane

Brown Girl Jane founders Tai Beauchamp, Nia Jones, and Malaika Jones started their CBD-focused brand to center wellness within the Black community. The brand has since expanded into the world of skincare and fragrance.

Brown Girl Jane's fragrances are all about wanderlust, and the best-selling Lamu—a Kenya-inspired perfume—lets your senses explore with scents of sage, salty plumeria, and coconut water.

Notes: bergamot, coastal sage, Italian lemon, salty plumeria, coconut water, gardenia, driftwood, solar musk, sandalwood

If a sweet, warm fragrance is your cup of sensory tea, this calming scent story is made for you.

Notes: peach nectar, gardenia, cashmere musk

This post was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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