WWW Editors Reveal the Unique Fragrances They Love (But Selfishly Never Share)

It's no secret that we love perfume here at Who What Wear. Any opportunity we get, we're trying new scents for the season or raving about our tried and true favorites that we wear on repeat. But we each have another fragrance arsenal we haven't shared with the world just yet. Personally, I like to call it my "best-kept secret fragrance collection." This is composed of the scents I love so much that I want to keep them all to myself.

Luckily, other WWW editors and I were feeling generous today and decided to spill the tea. We're giving you all the details on the best unique fragrances that we own (and rarely ever tell anyone we're wearing). For all our favorites, keep on reading.

Unique Perfumes



Key Notes: Soap bubble accord, Rose Superessence, white musk, coconut milk accord

"I feel like a few other Maison Margiela scents get a lot more recognition than Bubble Bath (Jazz Club, to name one.) But this clean scent has to be my favorite. I actually got told yesterday that I smelled good (which is one of my favorite compliments) and I have this perfume to thank. It has a simple yet fresh scent and I'm not gatekeeping it anymore!"—Yusra Siddiqui, Assistant Market Editor

Key Notes: Myrtle, basil, Italian lemon, Italian bergamot, marine breeze, jasmine absolute, Damask rose absolute, Lentisc absolute, juniper, Virginian cedarwood, amber

"This fragrance smells like a vacation in a bottle. The notes of lemon, basil, and jasmine instantly transport me to the Amalfi Coast (even though I've never been). Plus, the bottle is beautiful enough to be displayed prominently."—Erin Fitzpatrick, Senior News Editor

Key Notes: Blackcurrant, Mate, violet leaves, ceylon black tea, birch woods, papyrus

"Byredo's Mixed Emotions isn't its most well-known fragrance, but I find it to be among the most interesting. My non-expert description of it is that it smells like smoky berries, which is a lot better than it sounds. It's certainly suitable for year-round wear, but I prefer it in fall and winter."—Allyson Payer, Senior Editor

Key Notes: Blood orange, lemon, bergamot, red mandarine, lime, Tiare accord

"This Louis Vuitton fragrance is pure luxury. I'm obsessed with the combination of blood orange, bergamot, lime, and more. As an L.A. resident, I think it captures the spirit of the city it's named after quite well."—Fitzpatrick

Key Notes: White musks, benzoin, caramel accord

"This is my favorite fragrance when I'm looking for something earthy. With white musk and caramel, it has such a comforting, warm scent."—Fitzpatrick

Key Notes: Bergamot, mandarin, pink peppercorn, Calypso orchid, Bulgarian rose, maté tea, iris, sandalwood, white musk

The notes of mandarin, pink peppercorn, Bulgarian rose, and iris blend together so beautifully in this exquisite perfume. I always spritz this one on when I don't want to smell like everyone else in the room. Secret's out now, I guess.

Key Notes: Blackcurrant nectar, pear, rose, jasmine absolute, vanilla, cedarwood

This scent is sweet, juicy, and a little bit fruity. I love that the top notes of blackcurrant nectar and pear overlay woodier notes like cedarwood. It's a combination I wouldn't initially think I'd love, but it's actually an unexpected combination I've really grown to love.

Key Notes: Conifers, bay, moss with jasmine, violet leaf, soft petals

Vintner's Daughter brings us a totally new offering equally as incredible as the brand's skincare. It offers a deeper connection to nature utilizing whole plant ingredients made in small batches. It has a rich aroma that's deeply fragrant and 100% floral for those who love that kind of perfume.

Key Notes: Green mandarin, cardamom, cocoa, jasmine, orange flower, sandalwood, hazelnut

I just recently received a sample of this new Cacharel scent and was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it. The notes were what initially intrigued me. I love the smell of cocoa and hazelnut—it's both sweet and uplifting. What really impressed me, though, was how well these notes paired with others like green mandarin and orange flower. If you like a sweeter fragrance that has a bit more of a rich tone to it, this unique offering is definitely for you.

Key Notes: White tea, orange blossom, red rose, lavender, vanilla woods, amber

Moodeaux's Worthy instantly boosted my mood the first time I spritzed it on. It's definitely more of a gourmand fragrance, but if you like that sort of vibe, you'll love the delicious notes of white tea, orange blossom, red rose, vanilla, and lavender.

Unique Perfumes



Key Notes: Lemon of Sorrento, bergamot of Calabria, Brazilian orange, white peach, yellow peach, cassis, cedar atlas, Indonesian patchouli, Indian sandalwood

Okay, this perfume is most definitely a splurge. But the notes are so beautifully unique that it's worthy every penny in my eyes. It's a bit fruity and exotic with a hint of woodiness to it.

Key Notes: Gentiana, fennel, jasmine, bourbon vanilla

Viktor&Rolf's latest perfume launch is described as an offering for all the modern mystics out there. It celebrates modern spirituality and the path to discover one's own inner being. I would say it's right up my alley. And the blend of notes in this scent are strongly floral, aromatic, and extra luxurious.