WWW Editors Reveal the Unique Fragrances They Love (But Selfishly Never Share)


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It's no secret that we love perfume here at Who What Wear. Any opportunity we get, we're trying new scents for the season or raving about our tried and true favorites that we wear on repeat. But we each have another fragrance arsenal we haven't shared with the world just yet. Personally, I like to call it my "best-kept secret fragrance collection." This is composed of the scents I love so much that I want to keep them all to myself.

Luckily, other WWW editors and I were feeling generous today and decided to spill the tea. We're giving you all the details on the best unique fragrances that we own (and rarely ever tell anyone we're wearing). For all our favorites, keep on reading.


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Shawna Hudson
Associate Beauty Editor

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