The Easiest Way to Wear This Unconventional Diamond Trend

Black-diamond earrings



Don’t worry. We’re not giving up traditional diamond jewelry anytime soon. However, for the moments when you want to wear something that feels slightly less formal than the classic jewelry style, opt for a pair of black-diamond earrings. Not only does this unconventional gemstone trend give a chic and edgy take to any ensemble, but it also feels like the perfect answer to its crystal-clear counterpart.

We initially saw the rise of black diamonds in the form of engagement rings, and now they’re becoming a part of our everyday jewelry collections. Black diamonds are usually more affordable than the typical white stones; plus, they also create a dark, mysteriously romantic vibe that feels effortlessly cool.

Want to get a little closer to the dark side? Below, we’ve rounded up the most stylish black-diamond earrings that you won’t want to take off. Shop them all below.

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