Black Engagement Rings Are a Thing—Here Are Our 25 Favorites

Looking for a bold, edgy engagement ring for your unique style? Sure, there are a handful of styles that break with tradition, but if you want to go all-out we highly suggest you lean toward the dark side. Specifically, we're referring to black engagement rings. Yes, they're a thing, and they're incredibly chic.

Not only do black engagement rings tend to be more budget-friendly, but whether they are in classic styles or more modern alternatives, these alternative and glamorous rings take unique to a whole new level. Plus they're the perfect answer for the couple that simply isn't about a traditional diamond or golden band or those who live in an all-black wardrobe—this ring provides consistency.

See what we mean with 25 of our favorite rings on the market right now.

Proof that black is still the new black.

Opening Image: Catbird