The Foolproof Way to Clean Diamond Earrings, According to an Expert


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Whether you spent months saving to buy them or they’re a priceless heirloom passed down for generations in your family, it’s safe to say that diamond earrings are probably among the more prized possessions in your wardrobe. However, like any piece of fine jewelry you wear over time, they accumulate dirt and lose a bit of their sparkle in the process. We’re all about keeping our beloved jewelry in the best condition, though, so knowing how to clean diamond earrings is an absolute essential.

To ensure your earrings never become lackluster, we tapped Alesse and Melissa Bloom, the designers of Lane and Lanae jewelry in L.A., to provide you with the best (and safest) way to care for your jewels. Rather than finding a jewelry cleaning solution, the designers make their own, and you’d be surprised at how simple it can be.

"We believe in living as chemical-free a life as possible, both with what we put in our bodies and what we clean with—that includes our jewelry! We prefer making our own jewelry cleaning kit so we know exactly what is going on our jewelry and ultimately our bodies,” they say.

To Clean Your Diamond Earrings:

1. Make a Solution

Start by plugging your sink as a precautionary measure. Then, in a small bowl or cup, mix 1 part of dishing liquid or detergent with 3 parts warm, filtered water.

2. Soak the Earrings

Carefully place your earrings in the cleaning solution and let soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Remove the Earrings From the Solution

Using a soft-bristle toothbrush, gently fish your earrings out of the solution and place them onto a microfiber cloth.

4. Use the Toothbrush and Cloth to Clean

With the toothbrush and cloth, gently brush and rub any buildup off the stones and backings. If your earrings were especially dry, repeat the process.

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Now, your earrings will be shining as bright as new.

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