This 2017 Shoe Trend Was More Popular Than Sneakers and Ankle Boots


Collage Vintage 

The holiday season isn't the only season that's arrived. It's also unofficially end-of-the-year-list season, and one of our favorites has just arrived. Fashion search platform Lyst has just launched its annual The Year in Fashion review, highlighting the most-searched trends and items in a number of categories, such as cult Instagram items, the top colors and prints, and the celebrity fashion influencer of the year. But being the shoe fiends that we all are, we were especially interested to find out what the number one shoe trend of 2017 was.

Given the enduring popularity of sneakers and ankle boots, you probably would've guessed that a shoe trend in one of those categories was Lyst's top-searched style, right? Not quite. The top two positions of the most-searched shoes this year were pool slide sandals (by Gucci and Givenchy), followed by sock boots (by Vetements and Balenciaga).

While temperatures may be a little chilly for pool slides at the moment, if you have a tropical holiday vacation on the horizon, it may be time to revisit the trend, so keep scrolling to shop stylish pool slides.

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