Zara Is Low-Key One of the Best Places to Buy Perfume—Here Are Our Favorites

It's no secret that we're fans of Zara here. We're always keeping an eye on its new-arrivals section and trying to uncover the best finds. We also love to peep other people's Zara carts for inspiration. Have you seen our best-of lists for each season? And don't even get us started on a good sale.

What can we say? Zara consistently delivers when it comes to clothes and accessories. But we're going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret that just might blow your mind: Zara also has a pretty good beauty selection. So yeah, you could consider it a one-stop shop. If that's news to you, you're welcome.

15 Best Zara Perfumes That Should Be on Your Vanity



When it comes to Zara's beauty section, you don't want to sleep on the fragrances. We think you'll be surprised at how many different perfumes the retailer has in stock. There's a scent for just about any mood and occasion. (We're talking fresh floralswoody fragrances, and scents with a little bit of spice.) The best news? In true Zara fashion, its fragrances come at an amazing price point. You can't find one over $40. At that price, you could add a couple to your perfume collection to keep on rotation.

Since the inventory is pretty extensive, we've tried to narrow it down for you, and we've shared some of the best Zara fragrances below.

1. Wonder Rose 

If you're looking for a classic fruity-floral, here it is. The fresh fragrance contains notes of peach, tutti frutti accord, coconut, and vanilla.

2. Pink Flambé

This perfume will transport you to fun and carefree summer nights, even in the dead of winter. It has notes of rose, jasmine, orchid, vanilla, and amber.

3. Fields at Nightfall

If you're looking for a woody scent, Zara has that, too. This one is infused with scents of praline, jasmine, and sandalwood, so it's a little bit earthy and floral at the same time.

4. Lightly Bloom

With notes of lotus flower, peony, and musk, this is a grown-up, sophisticated fragrance. It's perfect for everyday wear in the office.

5. Gourmand Addict

We're hypnotized by this elegant best seller composed of a unique citrus cocktail. Think mandarin, orange, and bergamot combined with May rose, jasmine, peach, blackcurrant, and patchouli.

6. Vetiver Pamplemousse

We love this fragrance because it's a bit mysterious. It has notes of mandarin and grapefruit for a crisp, fresh-feeling scent, but vetiver adds some earthiness.

7. Golden Decade

Bergamot is always a classic note in fragrances. Who doesn't love that fresh, citrus smell? This eau de cologne also contains notes of jasmine and lavender. We think it's a year-round scent, but we'd especially wear it during the spring and summer months.

8. Nude Bouquet

This one is just so cheerful and lively. It has those happy notes of cherry, peony, and vanilla.

9. Nuit

When a fragrance's French name translates to "night" or "darkness," you know you're getting something a little mysterious and intense. It has notes of peach, lily of the valley, and vanilla.

10. Unusual Gourmand

This is the perfect example of a well-executed fruity fragrance. We love how it's sweet and juicy but doesn't feel juvenile. In addition to candied fruits and pear, this eau de parfum also has notes of salt and musk.

11. Cherry Smoothie

If you want something ultra feminine but not too sickly sweet, you'll like this one. The fruity fragrance has notes of cherry, plum, almond, Peruvian balsam, powdery heliotrope, hawthorn berries, and black vanilla.

12. Red Vanilla

Don't let the vanilla fool you—this perfume is far from boring and average. The nighttime fragrance is warm and sensual with notes of iris, red peony flowers, mandarin, raspberry, and vanilla.

13. Femme

Described as "warm, long-lasting, and cozy," this eau de toilette might be your signature scent for the fall and winter months. Notes include Frangipani flower, bergamot, peony, orchid, heliotrope, vanilla, and musks.

14. Tuberose

Here's another cheerful, bright, and feminine pick. The unabashedly floral fragrance contains scents of the MVP—powdery tuberose—and notes of spices, woods, and vanilla.

15. Ebony Wood

Meet one of Zara's best-selling perfumes: Ebony Wood. It stars woodsy, enchanting notes like pink pepper, clove, and of course, ebony wood.

More Zara Beauty Picks

As we mentioned above, Zara has plenty of great beauty options. Here are some notable picks.

Can't pick one Zara fragrance to buy? This discovery kit is perfect. 

Everyone needs a classic red lipstick in their makeup bag. This one has a velvety matte finish with vitamin E to nourish your lips.

Zara's eye-shadow palettes are prime for creating a statement smoky eye. 

Zara also has eyeliner options. This one has a fine brush top, so it's easy to apply. 

This is the kind of shade that we like to consider almost neutral and therefore perfect for everyday wear.

With over 38 shades, Zara's nail polish section will ensure your at-home manicure kit rivals the salon's colorways.  

We can never say no to a deep berry, so obviously, this hue is one of our picks. 

We'll never turn down a highlight that can be used on both the eyelids and cheekbones. 

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This article was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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