I’ve Shopped Zara for Over 11 Years, These Are the Best Items They Have Now

I preface this by reiterating that good things do take time; however, I can say with complete confidence that I know exactly how to shop at Zara after eleven years. Whether it’s wandering into a local store (pre-pandemic) or scouring the seemingly endless shopping pages online, I have transformed my Zara shopping into a meticulous method. Though shopping is not a one-size-fits-all formula, I am almost certain that my editor-approved and straightforward shopping strategy for Zara will work every time. Over the last decade or so, I have realized that Zara is the absolute best for affordable fashion essentials; thus, I typically start by going to Zara for a particular kind of fashion staples. Think tight, ribbed knits with a subtle twist in the design details, like an asymmetrical neckline or a peek-a-boo back. 

I love strategic searches—I’m a Taurus, and we tend to go into shopping knowing exactly what we want. Because Zara continually releases new "it" items mixed with basic wardrobe staples, it’s important not to get lost and have a purpose behind your purchases. For instance, if I know I am looking for a casual dress and trousers, I am most likely not going to even look at other categories. This way, there are no distractions, and I am spending the time finding the items I intended to buy. So with that in mind, I recently poked through Zara, knowing precisely what fresh, new updates my wardrobe needs (and yours may need, too), and have found the 25 best items on Zara right now. Keep scrolling, and be sure to grab your wallet to discover some of the retailer's hidden treasures.

Behold, the perfect ribbed knit top does exist. 

Whether it's on my mules or a bracelet, I love a chain detail. 

Anyone else replacing their jeans with fitted pants with a flattering front seam? 

I don't know if it's my recent move to Miami, but I am living for asymmetrical tops. 

Is this not the cutest little handbag, like ever? 

When I was perusing Zara, I had my new at-home uniform in mind of relaxed, elevated staples that are both comfortable and on-trend.

I have officially traded my maxi frocks for mini, floral numbers. 

Shop the matching Jacquard Knit Mini Shorts ($30).

Introducing my holiday look this season. 


It's about time my house slippers get a nice, affordable refresh. 

Though my style errs on the minimalist side, there's nothing wrong with a little embelishment. 

A quick style hack: fold this tote in half and it doubles as a clutch! 

This is one of those shirts that I see online at Zara and immediately know how I am going to style it: pair with loose denim cut-offs, mules, and accessorized with a claw clip in my hair.

Goodbye sweatshirts and sweatpants, and hello knit jumpsuits.

Try matching your wool tote bag to your wool coat this winter. 

There's a reason this coat is one of Zara's best-sellers.

It doesn't matter where I live, Miami or Manhattan, I need these contrasting chunky boots. 

Shop the matching Ribbed Knit Pants ($50).

This year I've learned that I will never have too many knit sets. 


You can never go wrong with plaid. 

This is the perfect handsoap for your bathrooms; it's refreshing and looks incredibly chic. 

On the days that I can't even stand the thought of putting on pants, you will find me in this silk slip number. 

I file this in the new section of my wardrobe called: cute, elevated loungewear. 

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