I'm Calling It—These 29 New Zara Items Won't Be in Stock For Long

You heard me—I'm calling it! If you are a Zara-obsessed shopper like myself, you know that the good items always sell out, and that's a fact. Lovers of the brand are ruthless when it comes to making snap purchases and filling their carts to the brim with the latest and greatest, and honestly, if you don't turn up your urgency when it comes to shopping Zara's new arrivals, you're going to be sad.

But I didn't come here to deliver bad news. Instead, I am bringing you the best of Zara's new arrivals section so all you have to do is scroll down and add your favorites to your cart. Instead of debating over all the cute but overwhelming products that arrive each week, I did all the heavy lifting for you. From shackets to boots, the shopping list ahead is comprised of all the fresh Zara products I, an avid Zara shopper, know will sell out at the speed of light. Okay, enough chitchat—go shop! 

Please note the detailing around the waist. 

Do yourself a favor and buy a pair of boots that aren't black for a change. 

This roomy coat is perfect for layering on top of all your chunky sweaters. 

Please only wear these with cute little ankle socks. 

Belted or not, this dress is a whole vibe. 

Shackets are all fashion girls are wearing these days and honestly, can we blame them? 

Sweater vests are flying off the shelves and I'm sure this one is no different. 

Everything about this dress makes me smile. 

This jacket looks triple the price. 

The buttons are really what did me in. 

Because two metals are better than one. 

For when you're tired of your sweatpants. 

I am surprised this luxe-looking puffer isn't already sold out. 

Vintage-looking jeans are always a good idea. 

The darting on the waist makes this a must-have. 

If you're obsessed with leggings, give the stirrup trend a try. 

Is fall really even fall without a plethora of plaid blazers? 

A fresh way to wear the chunky chain trend. 

Baggy jeans and a tiny cardigan would look amazing with these heeled loafers. 

This buttery outfit is everything I want out of a winter wardrobe and more. 

Just wait until you feel how soft this bag is. 

If it ain't a menswear coat I don't want it.