The One Thing Everyone Will Shop From Zara, Mango, Amazon, and H&M This Month

Best affordable loungewear



On Tyla-Lauren: H&M set

As 2020 is coming to a close, we're ending the year basically where we started it: at home. On hiatus are the usual parties, group dinners, and big family gatherings, and instead of shopping for velvet party dresses and sparkly shoes, we're shopping for loungewear...still. I, for one, hate spending a ton on comfy things to just wear at home. I'd much rather spend less money on things that I can wear at home and outside.

As you may know, four great places to shop for loungewear that's all of these things (affordable, comfortable enough for inside, and cute enough for outside) is Zara, Mango, Amazon, and H&M. These retailers are chock full of good sweats, house dresses, leggings, and other cozy knitwear, and I took it upon myself to select the very best pieces to keep you warm, comfortable, and chic this December and beyond. Read on for the results of my search.


I'd definitely wear this outside too.

No time like the present for a new robe.

Are sweater pants the new sweatpants? Maybe!

You'll probably end up wearing this a lot.


With nearly 50k reviews, this may be one of the most popular items on all of Amazon.

A cashmere matching set sounds like a grand idea.

How many pairs of sweatshorts is too many, asking for a friend.

These plus an oversized sweater and cozy socks is all you need.


I love it when sweaters are specifically made for lounging.

Some days just call for that extra layer.

Feel free to disagree with me but these are pretty damn cute.

The perfect outfit for a holiday dinner at home.

My idea of the perfect gift unwrapping outfit.

Shop the matching Satin Pajama Trousers ($60).

Cuter than the average sweatshirt.

This would also look so chic with jeans.


A cute way to change up your WFH wardrobe indeed.

Good on their own or with a pair of loafers for outside time.

I love the color of this cozy set.

Shop the matching Cropped Knit Sweater ($40).

Zara is killing me with all these amazing sets.

Shop the matching Ribbed Shorts ($40).

Wow, I want these in every color.

Of course there's a sweatshirt to match.

I never knew I needed this until now.

Soft pants are the basic we all need multiples of.