9 Dancing Shoes for When It's Really, Really Cold Out

When temps dip down into practically arctic territory, we know a thing or two about layering up. Thin turtlenecks under dresses and chunky-knit sweaters with skinnies are fast becoming our daily uniforms—but what should we turn to for a night out with friends? While we can layer and bundle everything from our ankles up, our usual party-ready peep-toe stilettos just won’t do. (Shame.)

To make sure your poor toes aren’t left out in the cold, we’ve rounded up the season’s best party shoes from ShoeDazzle, a subscription service that ships you a new pair of killer shoes of your choice every month (or not if you choose to). And while you can snap these babies up without a subscription, with shoes this good and prices so low, we’re really into signing up for a VIP membership (because who wouldn't want a pair of shoes they've been lusting over delivered to their door every month?)

From lavish jewel embellishments and rich hues to pearl accents and plush velvet, it’s all in the details—see and shop our top picks below, and rest assured you’ll be able to dance all night without risking frostbite.

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