The 31 Best Vintage T-Shirts and Where to Find Them

best vintage T-shirts



If you're looking for a way to instantly make your outfit look cooler, it's pretty easy—throw on a vintage T-shirt. Vintage T-shirts are everywhere on the street style scene, celebs are regularly snapped in them,  and fashion people wear them on repeat. In other words, they're a staple for achieving cool retro style. Not to mention, they're an instant way to make any outfit feel fresh. But because they're so covetable, finding the best vintage T-shirts can be tricky, to say the least.

Typically, we'd head out to our favorite secondhand and vintage stores to source the best tees, but let's face it. Picking through endless clothing racks can be exhausting and often fruitless. To make the shopping process a bit easier and since sharing our expertise is just what we do, we've compiled the ultimate guide to sourcing vintage tees on the internet. From tourist tees to niche '90s band tees, keep reading to shop the five destinations for the best vintage T-shirts, then shop some of our favorite styles currently in stock from each.

1. Urban Outfitters

Vintage tees aren't just part of the Urban Outfitters selection. They're a staple. The brand's Urban Renewal line, which reworks vintage pieces, also has a hand in sourcing some of the coolest and most culturally relevant vintage tees. 

2. Etsy

If you're already clued into the world of vintage clothing on Etsy, just keep scrolling. Otherwise, let me introduce you. Here, you'll find everything from affordable tourist tees to more niche and covetable finds.

3. Revolve

Two Revolve brands, Daydreamer and Girl Dangerous, are reliable sources for cool vintage T-shirts you don't have to spend hours picking through racks to find.

4. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective may be better known for its secondhand shoes and bags, but let it be known that its vintage T-shirts are not to be missed. Get your fill of designer logos via a floral-appliqué Dior tee or a graphic-printed Fendi top.


Affordable favorite ASOS is home to a number of T-shirts that are genuine vintage or vintage inspired.