One of the Easiest '90s Trends to Wear Has Returned—22 Pieces I'm Buying


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Bring on the nostalgia because yet another age-old trend is having a comeback this year and fashion insiders are here for it. With summer just around the corner, there are pieces in our closets that are going to have a moment that we maybe haven't heard from in a while. A current wardrobe staple that's been running wild on my Instagram feed happens to be the tube top.

Nineties-era red carpets are covered in this exquisitely simple piece. It seems like every celebrity during that era was obsessed with this one item. I'm joining in on the craze just a few decades later by shopping it now. Luckily, this is one of those trends that comes in so many shapes and styles it is pretty easy to get your hands on. Below, shop the 22 that have recently caught my eye.


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The easiest outfit you'll put together this summer just so happens to be the tube top + loose trousers combo. Any "clean girl" would be proud.


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Ribbed tank tops are all the rage, so why not consider ribbed tube tops an option while we're at it? This is the perfect 2022 twist on the piece.


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Bustier tops and tube tops are one and the same. Lean into more structured renditions of the trend if that's your thing.


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If you're looking for more ways to wear your tube top, stop scrolling. This preppy look is so easy to copy with pieces you already have in your closet so give it a try.


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It's always leather weather when you're a fashion girl. Take your tube top to the next level by trying a leather one.


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Bold colors are an absolute must, so don't be afraid to take risks. You will get all the compliments in a tube top like this.


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Styling your tube tops with cargo pants is a no-brainer. Pretty much every It girl will be wearing this look come summer.

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