I'm 5'3" and Love Wearing These "Tall-Girl" Trends

I love wearing the things that everyone tells me not to wear. Okay, maybe not everyone, but I sincerely enjoy the feeling of having someone question what I'm wearing and assuring them that I think it looks cool and that's that. After all, they aren't the ones wearing the outfit—I am! Unfortunately, I deal with this kind of questioning a lot as a stereotypical short person, coming in hot at a solid 5'3". Whether it's a comment from my mother on how that dress "drowns me," or a friend letting me know that my shirt doesn't really "do" anything for my frame, I'm over going along with the status quo.

If you relate to me in any way, you're aware of the plethora of trends that have somehow been deemed specifically for "tall girls." While those trends look incredible on the long-legged women of the world, they can also look good on us shorties, too, and I'm here to tell you about a few that I wear on the regular. From floor-length robe coats to mid-calf boots—and don't you dare assume I wear heels every day—get ready to shop the six "tall-girl" trends I love wearing as a fully functioning short girl.

Go on to find out which unexpected trends I love to wear as a girl ranging on the shorter side.