I'm 5'3" and Hate Shopping for These 5 Basics, But These 19 Picks Won Me Over

Despite being on the shorter side, I always end up buying things without thinking and then dumping them into my "take to the tailor" pile. Unfortunately, many of those items do not end up making it to the tailor and sitting in the corner of my closet. On a mission to shop more consciously, I've been making the effort to try on and carefully choose the basics I bring into my closet. It's been a struggle, especially with specific basics like jeans and trousers. Since they're just prominent parts of one's wardrobe, it can be difficult when they don't fit the way you see them on the model.

As a fashion editor, I have the ability to test and try out many products, so I thought I'd share which pieces and brands have served me and my 5'3" self well. If you're on the hunt for petite friendly basics, keep scrolling for a list of items you won't want to return.


Levi's is a classic for denim, but I always assumed the brand's jeans wouldn't work for short people. I was clearly wrong, as even the loose and relaxed pairs hit at the perfect length.

I received a pair of Mother jeans as a gift years ago, and I still wear them to this day. The denim is high quality but still has some stretch to it, and I've never had to get a pair from the brand altered.

Zara's jeans do tend to run a bit longer than others, but I do love the overall fit on most of the brand's denim, so I opt for its cropped pairs while shopping. 

I was nervous about ordering these Reformation jeans, as I assumed I would have to get them hemmed, but I was wrong. As you can see, they run a little short on the model, but on me, they hit right below the ankle, which is how I want my jeans to fit.


These Pixie Market pants are almost always on back order, so when they were available in my size, I quickly purchased them. They hit right at my ankle and look great with sneakers and strappy sandals. 

I own these in three different colors, in case you want proof of how much I love these pants. They cinch perfectly at the waist and act as the most stellar work pants. 

Summer is just around the corner, and I've already started to add to my arsenal of linen items. 

When I saw a TikTok showing a girl who was 5'2" wearing these pants, I was shocked that they didn't pool on the floor.

These have already sold out three times since their release.


I was pleasantly surprised by & Other Stories' activewear collection, and this pair of leggings has quickly become my favorite. It doesn't bunch up at the bottom and is very breathable.

These leggings have gone viral many times, and for valid reasons. They not only fit great, but they also come in a plethora of fun colors.

Since & Other Stories' activewear leggings fit great, I knew the brand's on-trend leggings would get the job done as well.

These leather leggings from Zara are probably my most-worn leather piece. I love pairing them underneath an oversize sweater or button-down.


One of my fashion pet peeves is when I buy a midi skirt and it ends up being a floor-length skirt on me. This Nanushka one is loved by many of our editors, including me.

I own this skirt in black but have made it my mission to purchase the white one before summer. It hits right at my ankle and looks great with sandals for the warmer season ahead.

This hits at calf length on the model, but on me, it hits right above my ankle, which is my desired length for satin skirts.


I've always relied on Skims' bras, but I never thought to try out the brand's widely loved T-shirts and tanks. Clearly, I was missing out, as the brand makes the best fitted T-shirt I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot. It hits at the perfect length, so it's not bulky if you want to tuck it in, which happens with most T-shirts as a short girl. 

I love my Skims T-shirt, but sometimes, I do like something looser and more freeing. But I don't want it to look like I'm swimming in the shirt. Most women's T-shirts can have a weird slim fit, which is why I resort to the men's section, but then the men's section can be unflattering in other places. This H&M T-shirt combines the best elements from both, and not to mention, it's only $6. 

I layer a lot, so it can be tricky when T-shirts have loose and baggy sleeves. This muscle tee from Zara fixes that issue by giving that T-shirt look without the actual sleeves. I wear this under button-downs, blazers, etc. I own the top in neutrals but have the colorful options in my cart right now.

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