What to Wear (And What to Avoid) When You've Got a Short Torso

A major part of loving fashion is understanding your body type and what works best for it. Whether it’s determining if you’re an apple or a pear shape or figuring out how to make those new pumps a tad more comfortable for your wide feet, it’s all about personalization. That’s why we’re addressing a specific body type today: short torsos. If you’ve got a compact midsection and could use a few tips to make assembling outfits easier, scroll down for what to avoid and what to wear.

While most pieces can be maneuvered to work for your body type, there are some items that simply work against a short torso. See a few below, and scroll down further for items that you can replace them with.

This neckline draws an invisible horizontal line across your shoulders, which shortens the length between your neck and waistline.

We’re not infringing on your right to wear colors; we just suggest avoiding tops and bottoms that contrast severely. It’ll further exaggerate your shorter torso.

You want to pick pieces that elongate your silhouette, and short jackets that showcase your mini torso won’t do that.

You don’t have to dig your low-riders out of the closet just yet, but high-rise pants will draw extra attention to your midsection and might make you look imbalanced. Go for a mid-rise pant instead.

Now on to the fun stuff! Scroll down for items that are great for women with shorter torsos.

Choose pieces that draw the eye down your body like a long skinny scarf or a pendant necklace.

Remember what we said about drawing the eye down the body? The same goes for necklines, especially if it’s an alluring plunging V-neck.

Another fast and easy way to lengthen your frame is by leaving your tops untucked. Not only does it create a lean line, but it’s also a very of-the-moment styling trick.

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