I Read All the Reviews, and These Are the Best Curvy Petite Jeans


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We know by now the never ending struggle that comes with shopping for clothes as a curvy woman. It turns out, particularly when it comes to jeans, the hunt isn't particularly easy if you're, say, 5'3" or shorter, either. Put these two together (read: if you're both short and curvy), shopping for jeans can easily lean more toward pull-your-hair-out stressful than it does fun.

With a number of denim trends buzzing on the market right now, we know you don't want to sit this one out, so we're doing what we do best—making shopping as easy as it can possibly be with a hefty roundup. And because shopping online can oftentimes be finicky, we're going by what matters most: reviews (we know consumers tell it like it is when it comes to denim).

We looked everywhere from Nordstrom to Levi's, and according to shoppers just like you, these are the 23 jeans that worked out the best.


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