I'm 5'2" and Need New Fall Clothes—These Are the Under-$50 Items I'm Eyeing



Given that, in its current state, my closet has done the very least to inspire me to be my best dressed self this season, I’ve been feeling like it needs a bit of an overhaul lately. Yet, somehow, I’ve nearly blown through my loosely self-imposed shopping budget for both fall and winter, and we're not even a quarter of the way through the colder half of the year yet. On top of that, I’m 5’2”, which never makes things easier in the fashion department. So what’s an editor to do?

Spoiler alert: She shops but very discerningly and, of course, frugally. Sure, it would be nice to browse all your favorite sites and simply purchase whatever you please, but sometimes it’s more enjoyable to limit your spending and still come out on top. To help in that department, I turned to some of my favorite affordable brands and retailers, such as H&M, Zara, and Nordstrom, all of which were rife with options coming in under my $50 budget. Ahead, see everything that caught my eye, including bags, shoes, jeans, tops, and more.

A beige blazer is just as versatile as a black one but so much more impactful in your wardrobe.

So technically, I already own this, but it's so good I just needed you to know about it.

Any outfit can benefit from a touch of texture.

Everyday seems like an appropriate name for these.

I saw a friend wearing this skirt at a party and almost didn't believe her when she told me the price. 

It's basic, but no fall wardrobe is complete without a good black sweater.

Swap your jeans out for these silky pants on your next night out.

The cool and comfortable choice.

The black button-down is a fall-and-winter must.

This will always be my favorite neckline.

Who knew I needed a checked sweater skirt so badly?

You'll be happy you have this once winter weather rolls around.

My favorite fall color and fabric come together in the perfect layer.

Swap your simple tank in for this seamed situation.

The oversize fit is just so good and makes any outfit instantly feel forward.

Next time I'm about to put on a pair of basic leggings, somebody please stop me and remind me these exist.

The smallest layers make the biggest impact.