A Stylist on the Jeans to Buy If You're Petite Like She Is

Jeans are hard to shop for in general, and if you're petite, you know it can be twice as hard. Unfortunately, the number of brands that sell jeans literally made for petite women is quite limited, but we knew there was some way to work around that. I reached out to one of my favorite celebrity stylists (who also happens to be very petite), Alyssa Sutter, for professional guidance on how to shop for petite bootcut jeans, in particular. The denim style has recently been on the rise, and from my research, it's one of the few denim styles that really cater to petite women

With no hesitation, Sutter jumped in with her expertise and showered us with her knowledge of all things related to petite bootcut jeans. From the five tips to look for while shopping on your own to her all-time favorite pairs, go on to read up on Alyssa Sutter's guide to shopping for the perfect pair of petite bootcut jeans.

What to look for:

1. Flare Width: "I personally look for a subtler flare shape starting around mid-calf (versus a more exaggerated boot flare) to help create a long silhouette."
2. Wash: "The color of your jeans is a great way to add length to your legs if that's what you're going for. Opt for darker washes and minimal distressing."
3. High-Rise: "I find the high-rise waist to be the most complementary for smaller frames. Emphasizing your waist helps to enhance your petite frame." 
4. Cropped Length: "Many brands are making cropped bootcut jeans, which is a major plus for petite sizes. Since length is typically tricky, cropped styles are ideal to pull off this trend."
5. Fabrication for DIY: "Jeans that have less stretch and are made of mostly cotton allow you to cut your jeans to your perfect length. Plus you are left with a cute raw, unfinished look!" 

Her favorite pairs:

1. Levi’s 315 Shaping Boot Cut

"I love these boot cut jeans from Levi's for several reasons. I especially like how subtle the boot flare is. From the front view, the jeans look more like a straight leg, which gives the appearance of a longer silhouette. I also love that you can select the best inseam length for your body."   

2. Khaite Vivian New Bootcut Flare Jeans

"These Khaite bootcut jeans are my favorite, especially paired with a kitten heel. The high-rise waist is a major plus, and the cropped hem saves you a visit to the tailor!" 

3. Frame Le Crop Mini Bootcut Jeans 

"The bootcut trend is making its way back in style, so brands are modifying them to be more forward-fitting. This pair from Frame is a perfect take on this '90s style. It is slim fit throughout the leg, and the length is perfect for heels or heeled boots."  

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