I'm 5'2", and These Are the Spring Trends on My Shopping List

As someone who hates being told what to wear and is generally uninterested in anyone's opinions other than my own when it comes to my fashion choices, the last thing I would venture to do is try to tell my fellow petite-framed women what they should—or, worse, shouldn't—wear. But that doesn't mean that I won't share what I'm planning on wearing in the coming months on the off chance some of my peers out there are on the hunt for some inspiration or care to know what a 5'2" editor considers flattering for her frame.

So since spring is on the horizon and everyone is sick of thinking about winter dressing anyway, today, I figured I would do just that. Below, I've highlighted the six spring/summer 2022 trends that, at first glance, I can tell will be heavy in my rotation next season. They don't just work for my body type. They almost cater to it. To see what made the cut, read a little about each, and, of course, do some shopping along the way, just keep scrolling.

1. Micro Miniskirts

Miu Miu S/S 22
Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2022 Runway


Courtesy of Miu Miu

I've always felt that a petite hemline best complements a petite frame, but I'm glad to also have the fashion world endorsing my skirt style of choice this season.

2. Towering Platforms

Gucci S/S 22
Gucci Spring/Summer 2022 Runway


Courtesy of Gucci

As someone on the shorter side, I'm often drawn to either a kitten heel or something super high. And while the former has been considered "trendy" for a while now, I'm glad the latter is back in the spotlight, too.

3. Monochrome Moments

Saint Laurent S/S 22
Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2022 Runway


Courtesy of Saint Laurent

Regardless of your body type, a monochrome look will flatter you by creating one long visual as opposed to breaking your body up into different pieces (by way of colors), so embrace this season's bold hues in any shade you choose.

4. Tiny Tops

Chanel S/S 22
Chanel Spring/Summer 2022 Runway


Courtesy of Chanel

There's no denying that oversize shirts and blouses have a chic appeal, but sadly, they can often swallow someone on the shorter side of the height spectrum. An of-the-moment bra-sized crop top, however, does just the opposite and can look amazing both on its own and layered under knits and outerwear.

5. Ankle-Grazing Hemlines

Loewe S/S 22
Loewe Spring/Summer 2022 Runway


Courtesy of Loewe

It's not your calf-length midi, but it's also not a floor-sweeping maxi—it's an ankle-grazing in-between moment that, again, creates a long, flattering silhouette that I'm very partial to.

6. Viral Accessories

Prada S/S 22
Prada Spring/Summer 2022 Runway


Courtesy of Prada

My approach to petite dressing has always been to perfect the fit of my basics and add interesting accessories if needed, so the fact that cool shoes and bags are literally a trend this season is just too perfect.