The Best Pants to Wear (and Not Wear) While Traveling

As an L.A. native living in New York, I still do my fair share of traveling from coast to coast. Aside from teaching me how to pack like an adult, my many hours of flying have also given me a lot of experience in dressing properly for travel. And, having made my fair share of good and bad choices in the past, I thought it would be most fitting to approach the topic of travel pants in do and don’t form. Spoiler alert: Skip the stiff jeans that are oh so trendy right now.

Scroll through the slideshow to see which travel pants are dos and which are don’ts, and then shop my picks for each airplane-approved style.

Do: Jeans With Stretch 
Don’t: Rigid Jeans

While vintage-inspired, 100% cotton high-waisted jeans are all the rage right now, there’s truly nothing less comfortable to wear on an airplane. Instead, opt for a pair of jeans with a bit of spandex or elastane in them. The extra stretch makes a huge difference when you’re sitting on a plane for hours.

Do: Simple Leggings
Don’t: Fashion Leggings

Fashion leggings are any leggings that are embellished with zippers, mesh, panels, or anything of the like. Sure, they look cuter than the traditional black pair, but if you’re wearing them for more than a few hours, they can start to feel uncomfortable. Since mesh can let cold air through to your legs and zippers can begin digging into your skin after a while, go for a plain pair of leggings for flights.

Do: Joggers
Don’t: Loose Sweatpants

The difference between joggers and sweatpants? While sweatpants are loose around the ankles and have a tendency to ride up when you sit or sleep (hello, cold ankles!), joggers gather at the bottom to ensure a secure fit. They also look sleeker, which is a plus!

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