18 Travel Accessories That Will Make You Feel Like an Adult

Best Travel Accessories



Let’s be real: Even just owning luggage is already quite the foray into adulthood, but today we dare to implore you take it one step further. Not to worry, all we’re proposing is one little baby step by way of travel accessories. Sure, they’re easy to pass off as unnecessary, but as someone who often travels bimonthly, I can tell you that even the smallest travel accessories are not only quite functional but also make you feel that much more like an established, organized adult. So from toiletry bags that will keep your makeup in its place to luggage tags that will make spotting your suitcase on the conveyor belt that much easier to life-changing packing cubes, we’ve rounded up 18 of the best travel companions for your next trip. Shop our travel-friendly picks below, and when you’re done, check out the 16 items It girls always wear to the airport

Store your rings and bracelets away in this gorgeous case.

Because beauty sleep is needed on the plane, too. 

Friends don’t let friends’ cell phones die.

Complete comfort no matter the mode of transportation.

Neat freak or not, this is the perfect way to get organized.

Why shouldn’t your headphones be as nice to look at as everything else you wear?

Keep everything in its place up until the last day of your trip with these handy bags. 

These seriously are game changers for packing.

Pro tip: Always have a scarf with you on long flights. They tend to get cold, and it can be used as a blanket or even extra pillow. 

Never stress about losing your luggage again.

This light-as-air cosmetic case won’t add much to the weight of your suitcase.

If we call this a crucial travel accessory, can we justify simply having to have it?

To avoid confusion at baggage claim.

We’d plan a trip just to use this.

Emphasis on the word "adult" in this headline.

No one has to know how beaten up (or pristine) your passport is.

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