The 7 Best Thongs, According to the Internet

Whether you’re shopping for a new pair of jeans or a fresh set of undergarments, checking out the customer reviews should always be at the top of your list. While we’ve already shared which 15 wireless bras have the best online feedback and the top leggings to score on Amazon (according to its shoppers), today we’re shifting topics and focusing on the best thongs with real reviews.

Commenting on qualities from comfort to fit, these women shared everything they love about each style. The best part? Every option is highly recommended and affordable. So if it’s time to restock your undergarment selection, add these seven pairs to your shopping cart.

Scroll down to shop the best thongs with rave online reviews.

1. Cosabella

Customer Reviews

"I've purchase the red, black, navy and teal/turquoise colors. Just as expected and so comfortable with just the right amount of support without the digging. Hallelujah Cosabella!!!!"

"This gets all the stars. Best pair of underwear I own seriously so impressed love love love!!!"


2. Hanky Panky

Customer Reviews 

“Still the best underwear I’ve ever found, never digs into your skin and perfect for wearing under tight clothes—no lines! Glad to find this cotton gusset version, I [liked] it better than the lace gusset. Expensive panties, but they’re definitely worth the investment!”

“Love these, so comfortable! Cotton is healthy and soft. Great package of neutrals to go with your basics. I’m a granny panty lover, but when I’m battling a panty line, this is my first choice.”

3. Calvin Klein

Customer Reviews

“I am extremely picky about underwear. So picky that I have actually searched for a year before finding the perfect underwear! And this is it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Great quality and fit wonderfully.”

“I wear these (almost) every day to work to avoid having a panty line showing, and I am barely aware of them most of the time. I have even worn them while rock climbing (for the same reason I wear them to work) and they have proven to be comfortable and durable. ON top of that, the design is simple and cute. I plan to buy more in the future!”

4. Natori

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Positive reviews: 17

Customer reviews

“These are wonderful, soft and lightweight basic cotton panties. They stay put and are pretty. I’m not even aware that I have them on, they are so light. I ordered a few packs and have not regretted it.”

“Best. Panties. Ever. This is the only kind I wear. No panty lines, they stay where they belong, they’re comfortable, and they’re reasonably sexy. Only minor con is that they seem to run a bit large. I swear a size smaller in Natori panties than in other brands.”

5. On Gossamer

Customer reviews

"These are pretty and the material is soft. Don't know how Amazon is carrying them under the price of all major retailers, but whatever it is take advantage of it now!"

“I love the quality, look and breathability of these. Very comfortable and the colors are so cute! They have lasted a long time for me, I have just put them through the washer and hung them to dry (doesn't take more than like 30 minutes). I want more!”

6. Joe & Bette

Customer Reviews

“These thongs are so pretty and look great without being uncomfortable. The lace is not scratchy at all. I ordered a medium like I usually wear and they seem a little bit big, but I think they’ll fit better after a couple washes. I just hope the lace holds up with multiple washes.”

“These thongs are AMAZING! They are so extremely comfortable, that you barely feel you’re wearing anything. Soft and breathable, also very forgiving in the laundry (no shrinking, shagging, etc.).”

7. Kalon

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Positive reviews: 1,471

Customer Reviews

"LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!!! Gone are the days I'm rearranging my thongs. These thongs were better than I expected them to be. They are stretchy and appear seamless under clothes. They can be worn high above the hip or below the frontal hip bones. They stay put, don't irritate and they wash well. They don't show and don't move around while working out and you can't even see them under my yoga pants!!! I stopped buying designer undies because I love these so much."

"If you're looking for some comfy thongs, these are the way to go! I'm so glad I found them after spending so much money on underwear that didn't fit that I had to throw out because I couldn't return them."

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