I Know It Hurts, But These 6 Sandals Have Got to Go—6 I'm Investing in Instead

Even though the weather outside might not indicate the impending arrival of spring (at least not where I'm located in New York City), warmer temperatures are, indeed, on the horizon. This, to me, means one thing: It's time to start thinking about ways to transition my winter wardrobe into a spring one without my closet finally taking over the last few square feet left in my SoHo apartment. It's not an easy job, but it's one I look forward to every year. And the first sartorial genre on my agenda is sandals—also known as the footwear staple I'll wear most in the months ahead.

Last season, the sandal space was dominated by pillow-like thongs, pastel slides, and every fashion girl's favorite style, fisherman sandals. But like with most other trends of late, these are already starting to feel stale after seeing them on everyone everywhere—from Positano, Italy to my own backyard (aka the corner seat at Fanelli Cafe, where you can stylish people watch as shoppers exit Prada).

To replace them in my wardrobe, I've come up with a list of worthwhile replacements that are fresh for 2023. Scroll down to find out which sandal styles I'll prioritize and which I won't next season. 

Pass: Plastic Pool Slides
Prioritize: Understated Slip-Ons

Influencer Mecca Understated Slip On Sandal Trend



As practical as they are when you're actually poolside, plastic pool slides will never out style a timeless pair of leather slides ever. From designer options courtesy of Hermès and Gucci to mid-level takes by Tory Burch and Birkenstock, there's a versatile and polished slide sandal style just waiting to become a daily part of your spring and summer routine. 


This slight heel gives you a nice lift without being uncomfortably high. 

I'm Tory Burch's biggest fan of late. 

An elevated take on the Arizona sandals we've all worn with love for decades. 

Nowadays, we often associate Gucci with the maximalist aesthetic. But it's key to never forget how incredible the Italian brand's more timeless pieces are.

Pass: T Straps
Prioritize: Toe Loops

Influencer Amy Julliette Lefévre Toe Loop Sandal Trend



T-strap sandals will likely come back in a few seasons with a vengeance, but for now, I'm placing all my eggs in the toe-loop sandal basket. Not only do they keep your feet secured in place (something T-strap sandals certainly do not), but they also look classic and stylish no matter what you pair them with.


The minimalist in me is head over heels for this pair. I'd have hard time choosing between cream and this cognac color.

I can see myself wearing these repeatedly on my next beachside vacation. 

If you want a metallic fix, these are a wearable pick that will get a ton of compliments.

The by-the-door sandals I'll be sliding on every time I'm in a rush but still need to look nice. 

Pass: Padded Details
Prioritize: Fuzzy Fabrics

Influencer Monikh New Furry Sandals Trend



If you, like me, require shoes that keep your feet feeling toasty and comfortable no matter the season, you probably spent last spring and summer prioritizing the padded, pillow-like sandals that dominated thanks to Chanel and Bottega Veneta. For a 2023 update, I'm trading those in for equally hygge shearling and faux-fur sandals that will keep your toes warm and your Instagram followers supremely satisfied. 


Not me obsessing over yet another pair of shoes.

For an even cozier touch, style these with a pair of cashmere socks during that period between winter and spring when it's not quite warm enough for bare toes.

A sale price like this requires running—no, sprinting—to Moda Operandi's website to buy these in your size before someone else does.

Pass: Excessive Laces
Prioritize: Clean Lines

Though a laced-up pair of sandals can pack a lot of punch visually, they tend to require more work than they're worth in my experience. That's why this season, I'm prioritizing low-key styles with clean, minimal lines so as to avoid any undue hardship when I go to put them on and at the end of the night, take them off. 


The sort of heel you can wear for any occasion and always get compliments. 

You already know I'm buying these and wearing them on a far-too-regular basis come May. 

Flip-flops are pretty polarizing, but if you're on the pro side, a clean, classic pair like this one is the way to go.

Pass: PVC Parts
Prioritize: Metallic Hardware

The era of PVC shoes was fun and all, but this spring, I'm ready to level up my sandals collection by ditching almost anything made of plastic and opting instead for footwear embellished with pretty, metallic hardware akin to jewelry for your feet. 


Prepare to see these all over your Instagram feeds this spring. 

Who needs jewelry when your shoes look like this?

These are both subtle and eye-catching at the same time. 

Pass: Expected Thongs
Prioritize: Unexpected Embellishments

Let's face it, as classic as they are, flip-flops and thong sandals are low-key boring. Sure, they're easy to slip on and go, but what's the fun in that if the aesthetic impact is so minimal? In 2023, I'm daring to splurge on sandal styles that are tenfold more exciting, specifically pairs with artistic touches and unexpected embellishments that feel worthy of a new purchase. 


If you look up swoon in the dictionary, a photo of these shoes should be printed as a visual definition.

If you hate pretty things, keep scrolling. 

These would be equally incredible for your wedding or a day date. 

Apologies for the delay, I was busy cleaning up all the drool that resulted from my staring at these shoes for ten minutes straight.