I Tried Every Shoe Trend You Need to Know for Summer—I'm Losing It Over These 10

Buying shoes online has never been easy, but thanks to associate editor Sierra Mayhew, now it is. She zips around the stores of New York City trying on all the trending shoes to report on the comfortability, fit, and style so you never have to make a return again.

There's no better season for footwear than summer. Having spent a winter trudging through snow, you have no idea how excited I am to wear whatever shoes I want. The right pair can truly make or break an outfit, and when you have something new that you're excited about, dressing from the shoes up is such a fun experience. 

They say you have to walk a mile in someone else's shoes to understand them. Well, I spent the past month walking in the shoes of every type of fashion person you can imagine. Whether she's the person who doesn't leave the house without a pair of stilettos no matter the occasion or the one who values comfort over everything, I tried the trend that she would want to be seen in.

And with the excitement of summer ahead, I welcome the latest installment of If The Shoe Fits. If you're new here, allow me to introduce you to the place that makes shopping for shoes so much easier. Pretty much everyone I know is in between two different sizes and doesn't know which pair to choose. Plus, when shopping online, it can be hard to determine comfort level. After ordering 20+ pairs of shoes and trying them for myself, I've narrowed the selection down to 10 pairs that I think you need for summer and which size you should order them in. We're all about to be the happiest of shoppers.

1. Buttery-Soft Leather

When Who What Wear readers talk, I listen, and after seeing how much you all love this pair of shoes, I had to try them out for myself. As they're under-$50 shoes, I kept my expectations at bay and ended up being quite impressed by the quality. As you see pictured here, I walked about a mile in them on one of the first warm days of the year, and they ended up being the perfect companion.

Were they comfortable?

I'd trust them with my life.

How was the sizing?

Nothing feels better than finding something as true to size as this pair of shoes.

2. Ballet Flats

The buildup for a full-on return of ballet flats has been going on for a while, and at first, I was adverse. As a heel girl, when I choose a pair of shoes that feel dressed up, I'm always looking for height. Now that I've tried them myself, I'm fully on board. They are the shoes you need for the middle point of dressing up/down your favorite dress and are so easy to wear. This pair from Brother Vellies quite literally has my heart, and I'm telling everyone about them.

Were they comfortable?

Yes. Once you break them in, you'll be able to walk for days in them.

How was the sizing?

I would suggest going a full size up in this pair. My traditional size is an 8, but I wore a 9 and couldn't have been happier.

3. Pointed Heels

When you find a pair of shoes this good, all you really need is a pair of jeans and a white ribbed tank. I also wore them with a bright printed matching set, and they made just as much noise as when styled with basics. Pointed heels are back, and I'll be wearing them all summer.

Were they comfortable?

For a heel this high, I was impressed with the comfort level that I got out of this pair of shoes. The PVC is soft and molds to the foot well. While I wouldn't make plans to walk very far while wearing them, I definitely do not regret adding them to my closet.

How was the sizing? 

As with most European shoes, I would size up. I went up a size and a half to find the perfect fit, which strayed me from my usual 38.5 to a 40.

4. Block Heels

I live in pretty little block heels come summer. You might as well be wearing a pair of flats with how comfortable they are. Once you see the way they flatter your legs, you'll never go back to sneakers. I love the strappy details on this pair from Staud.

Were they comfortable?

You already know the answer here. But if you didn't, it's a loud yes.

How was the sizing?

They gravitate close to true to size. I ended up half-sizing up technically with a 39, and the fit was great.

5. The New Thongs

It's time to toss those flip-flops to the side. The new thongs are here, and they're the elevated take on traditional summer sandals that you need to know about. Add a bright colorway, additional height, and extra coverage and you'll be good to go.

Were they comfortable?

I was quite impressed by how comfortable these shoes were. I could walk a mile in them and not even break a sweat. I'm blaming it on the support the front of the foot gets and the strategic angle that they're set on.

How was the sizing?

I gravitate between a 38.5 and 39 in European shoes. In this case, I took a 39 and couldn't have been happier.

6. Barbie Shoes

Hearing a few of my co-workers buzz about the fact that "Barbie shoes" are currently trending made it a very easy decision to add a pair of my own to my collection. And now, I get what all of the buzz was about. Even though this is a lower heel, having a clear top gives an illusion of longer legs and more height. I will be wearing them all summer.

Were they comfortable?

If you know anyone who thinks heels equal discomfort, you'll easily prove them wrong by letting them try these out.

How was the sizing?

I went a half size up and found the perfect fit.

7. Sunny Days

Orange has been named the color of the summer by fashion editors, so you'll need to try it. It can seem daunting at first if you're thinking about how you'll wear it, but there are so many options. I love to go with other warm colors or any other printed pieces that catch my eye.

Were they comfortable?

The sales associate who convinced me to buy these said that she wore them for a full day of boozy brunching and walking around New York City, so that should answer your question.

How was sizing?

As true to size as can be.

8. Strappy Sandals

By now, you've heard about the fact that we're all about strappy sandals. I'm once again watching Sex and the City reruns—who remembers when Carrie was mugged for her Manolo Blahniks? She yelled after the man, "He took my strappy sandals!!" I share the same passion for my favorite pairs.

Were they comfortable?

The sole of the shoes was fully lined with a leather-coated cushion that felt sublime.

How was the sizing?

I went a half size up, and a 39 worked perfectly for me.

9. Bold Colors

When it comes to footwear, don't be afraid to experiment with color. Accessories are the easiest way for even the strictest minimalist to allow something bright and vibrant in. I styled this full look around these shoes.

Were they comfortable?

I literally walked three miles when I first wore these shoes and didn't even break a sweat. No breaking in was needed.

How was sizing?

I loved how true to size they were.

10. Embellishments

The latest angle that fashion people are taking on the Y2K trend just so happens to be embellishments. Pile on shiny metals against contrasting saturated colors and you're sure to have a winner. My heart will always live with this pair from Manolo Blahnik.

Were they comfortable?

While they weren't the most comfortable shoes in this lineup, I could walk about a mile in them with no complaints. 

How was the sizing?

I took my usual route of going half a size up in European styles, and a 39 worked out perfectly for me.

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