I Tried Kendall Jenner's Teeth-Whitening Trick—My Smile Has Never Been Brighter

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I was recently gifted an espresso machine, two coffee mugs, and a Starbucks gift card by three different people. Why am I telling you this? Because it just goes to show how truly obsessed I am with coffee. As a certified night owl, it's pretty much the only thing that gets me out of bed before 9 a.m., and I consider a good latte or strong black coffee to be one of life's greatest joys.

My teeth, however, do not. After constant coffee drinking, my smile takes a rather dingy turn. In fact, I noticed it recently when I went to put on one of my favorite shades of lipstick—Kosas Weightless Lipstick in Rosewater ($28). In contrast with the rosy pink, my teeth had a decidedly yellow hue, and I wasn't a fan. So I turned to whitening strips, which I do from time to time. 

That lasted for about a week, and then I got lazy. Half the time I would forget to wear whitening strips at all. On the days I would remember, I just didn't feel like keeping them on for a half hour before bed. So I gave up and looked elsewhere. Eventually, I stumbled across teeth-whitening pens. I'd never given them much thought until I learned that Kendall Jenner counts on them to keep her smile bright (and her smile is always bright). Keep scrolling to see the $20 teeth-whitening pen we both use. Hint: It really works.

Here's the product both Kendall Jenner and I use. You just click the button on the bottom of the pen until the teeth-whitening gel dispenses onto the brush. Then, you just paint it on your teeth, waiting 30 seconds to close your mouth and then another 30 minutes before eating and drinking. I like that it can be used twice a day for maximum results. I also like that the taste wasn't unbearable like other whitening products I've tried. (It's not totally pleasant, but the addition of vanilla and mint makes it doable.)

It's worth noting that Jenner is an investor and ambassador for the brand (this teeth-whitening pen was created in collaboration with her), which is why I came in with an open mind. If it didn't work, I wouldn't be too disappointed. After all, I've tried countless less-than-effective whitening products in the past. If it did work, I would be delightfully surprised. Luckily, it was the latter. 

The Before
Image of author smiling



For reference, here is what my smile looked like before using this product. The reason it's so grainy is that I had to zoom into a picture from a wedding I attended in June of 2022...That's how long it's been since I took a picture in which I showed my teeth. If that doesn't prove how badly I needed a teeth-whitening, I don't know what does.

The After
Teeth Whitening



Here are the "after" pictures. It's quite the difference, no? I got these results after just a couple of days of using the teeth-whitening pen, and I could tell that the yellow stains that lurked near my gumline were visibly diminished. While it didn't remove every single stain I had on my teeth, I had only given it a short time to do its thing (and it had months of coffee, red wine, and tea stains to contend with). I'm confident that with more time, it will completely do the trick. 

Again, the actual application process is pretty effortless. I just click the bottom of the pen until the gel is released and brush it on in the morning (after drinking my coffee and eating breakfast) and at night (right before bed). This is a whitening trick I'll continue to use, and maybe, now that I have this, my teeth will stay Kendall Jenner–level white for longer. 

It's worth noting that there are different versions to buy. This version is rose and mint (instead of the aforementioned vanilla and mint). It pairs with the brand's Rose Mint Toothpaste ($10). 

This iteration of the teeth-whitening pen is basically a more advanced version of the other two. According to the brand, it has two times the power and is best for people who are looking to boost the brightening benefits. It's also $10 more than the other two. I say which one you choose depends on what level of whitening you're looking for.

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