The Verdict Is In: These Are the Only 2021 Spring Trends Worth Adopting

best spring 2021 fashion trends


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It’s rather difficult for any fashion editor to admit that while we may live to try the biggest spring trends each season, not everyone else will follow suit. In fact, only a fraction of the trends we’ve backed actually become viral (looking at you, low-rise denim). In truth, the best spring trends, the best purchases, and the best cultural moments (see men in jewelry) are a mix of divine timing and ultimately are championed by you, our devoted readers. So in light of that truth, we asked 17 Who What Wear readers to share which fashion trends they’ll personally skip this upcoming season and which they are most eager to adopt.  Ahead lies the best spring fashion trends in 2021, and a whole lot of bubblegum pink. 

best spring 2021 fashion trends


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WHO: Anoushka Nmak

Skip: G-strings 

Adopt: Sheer

So what spring 2021 trend is hot enough for the warmer days to come? Anoushka Nmak shared with us, “I’m very into all the skin-baring trends. I’ve already been wearing open-back dresses, and am I’m super excited to wear these sheer, transparent pieces this spring.” 

But there’s one trend she’s definitely not into. “As far as which trend I’ll be skipping this year, I’d say G-strings. I'm lukewarm about this trend; I don’t know if I can feel comfortable wearing whale tail thongs yet,” she explained. “Plus the sheer fabrics give the same effect without the discomfort.”

best spring 2021 fashion trends


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WHO: Ambika Dhir 

Skip: Sporty sunglasses

Adopt: Screenprints

Another spring 2021 trend that our readers are skeptical about? Ambika Dhir confessed, “I will be skipping sporty sunnies this season. Sporty sunnies are just a little bit too matrix for me.” On the positive side, Dhir is excited about screen prints. “While I’ve really enjoyed minimalist fashion over the past few years, as we’ve been stuck inside for the past year, I’ve found that as my ‘lockdown life’ has been less than exciting, I've wanted my wardrobe to make up for it,” she shared.  “Wearing color and patterns has helped to lift my everyday mood. And I love how wearing screen-prints can make me feel like I'm wearing art, plus it’s a trend that I can find and buy vintage, which is a plus.”

best spring 2021 fashion trends


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WHO: Mimi Orere 

Skip: Flatforms

Adopt: Simple separates

When asked which spring trend Mimi Orere was skipping, she proclaimed, “Oh my god, flatforms higher than an inch. That is one trend that should not make a comeback.” As far as trends she’s ecstatic about, simple separates are at the top of her list, along with relaxed trousers and sport-inspired pieces. “My style is neo-feminine, relaxed, very comfort-focused, and I think the simple separate trend we’ve seen across presentations is best suited to my style,” she says. “As far as styling them, I’m looking forward to twisting this trend by pairing it with sport-inspired trends like sporty sunnies.”

best spring 2021 fashion trends


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WHO: Bianca-Francesca Foley 

Skip: G-strings 

Adopt: Basic maxi dresses

Of course, some spring trends aren’t for everyone. Reader Bianca-Francesca Foley further empathized, “I'll be skipping the G-string trend emerging this spring! I think it looks so gorgeous and alluring on others, but I don't often wear a lot of clothing with cutouts, so it would be a bit out there for me.” 

Foley is, however, a fan of the basics. “Basic maxis are my jam, so I’m beyond excited to adopt this trend for spring. I adore longline, flattering dresses, and seeing as it is looking like we will be WFH for the foreseeable future, they're ideal for being comfy yet looking put together for those Zoom meetings,” she shared. “I'll also be trying to incorporate a lot more color into my wardrobe this year, so the bubblegum pink trend is screaming my name.”

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best spring 2021 fashion trends


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WHO: Vanessa Rose Mai 

Skip: Holes

Adopt: Wrap Skirts 

Holes have always been controversial. According to Vanessa Rose Mai, this look isn’t the easiest to pull off. “I'm afraid I will be skipping this trend. I'm sure it will look fabulous on the right people, but for me, I can't see anything else, but Regina George's cutout top in the film Mean Girls.” We can totally see that.

On the flip side, Mai gushed, “I always try to adopt trends I can wear with my existing wardrobe; which is why I’m excited about the wrap skirt trend. We’ve already seen a glimpse of wrap skirts in 2020, and I think they will make a big comeback with the updated hemline length.”

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best spring 2021 fashion trends


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WHO: Federica Labanca

Skip: Sheer 

Adopt: Casual suiting 

No trend is one-size-fits-all, especially when your approach to style is more classic. As Federica Labanca professed to us, “My style revolves around basic staples, so this spring, I will be skipping everything sheer.” 

Sheer may not be for Labanca, but she does love spring’s casual suiting trend. “I’m a suit gal, so knowing that casual suits will still be a trend in 2021 makes me want to expand my suit closet even more. I’m excited to pair this trend with other trendy items of the moment like a crop top or a vintage polo and a pair of relaxed trousers,” she elaborated.

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best spring 2021 fashion trends


@carolineripa, Courtesy of Kiko Kostadinov, Courtesy of Issey Miyake, Courtesy of Mame Kurogouchi, Courtesy of Bibhu Mohapatra

WHO: Caroline Ripa

Skip: Low-rise pants 

Adopt: Pipping details

The fit of a particular trend can be a deal-breaker, and for reader Carlone Ripa this is precisely the case. She divulged, "I am a curvy girl, so the whole low-rise pants trend will just not work for me! I prefer mid to high waist for a flattering look. However, the early 2000's low rise pants are iconic, and I know some girls will rock them.” 

You may not spot Ripa in low-rise pants anytime soon, but she does have a few other spring trends she’s eyeing. “Other than bubblegum pink (which I’ve admittedly already been wearing non-stop in the form of a Jacquemus hoodie), I love the pipping detail we saw across S/S 21 shows,” she professed. “It’s unique, flattering, and I’ve already seen it coming into fashion.” 

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best spring 2021 fashion trends


@myfashionbreak, Courtesy of Annakiki, Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana, Courtesy of Emmanuel Monsalve for Christopher John Rogers, Courtesy of Chanel

WHO: Oriane Adjibi

Skip: Pedal pushers 

Adopt: Bubblegum pink 

Some of the easiest trends to skip are hyper-specific, while the best spring trends tend to be colors or patterns that are easy for everyone to adopt. Take reader Oriane Adjibi for example, I'm not a fan of pedal pushers,” she confessed. “I've always been opposed from as far as I remember to wear these short pants; I just can't with the length, plus they’re not universally flattering.” 

It may be easy for Adjibi to dismiss the petal pushers trends on account of the occasionally awkward length, but as far as picking just one spring trend to adopt, she quickly identified a clear winner for her wardrobe. “I love so many of the spring 2021 fashion trends, but, if I had to choose, I’d say bubblegum pink without any hesitation,” she shared. “Pink is not only my favorite color, but I love how this color looks on my skin, and that it’s an easy trend for anyone to adopt.”

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best spring 2021 fashion trends


@venswifestyleCourtesy of Altuzarra, Courtesy of Nanushka, Courtesy of Lanvin, Courtesy of Ambush

WHO: Renia Jaz

Skip: Tutus 

Adopt: Leather suit

“I tend to go for practical trends. And while the tutu trend is absolutely beautiful, it’s impossible to wear them daily; hence, I will be skipping this trend this spring,” says reader Renia Jaz. 

“To my delight, though, I was happy to find that the suit trend is not going anywhere this season,” she continued. “I have a weakness for suits in any form (from the leather suit versions to the skirt suits seen across S/S 21 runways), and I’m planning on opting into this trend heavily by pairing leather suit separates with trainers, skirts, and statement accessories.”

best spring 2021 fashion trends


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WHO: Meeka Hossain

Skip: G-strings 

Adopt: Relaxed trousers 

This is not the first time our readers have opposed the G-string trend, but reader Meeka Hossain shared exactly why it wasn’t a fit for her. “I will be skipping this trend because I feel 10 years from now, I would look back on it and be like what was I thinking?! It's too much of a trend for me and not timeless.” 

G-strings may not be for Hossain, but she’s all for spring’s relaxed trousers trend. Her rationale: “It's elevated, chic, and still super comfortable. I'm over the look of tight skinny jeans and have gravitated towards loose bottoms for 2021.”

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best spring 2021 fashion trends


@georgia_3.0, Courtesy of Kim Shui, Courtesy of MSGM, Courtesy of David Koima, Courtesy of Balmain

WHO: Georgia

Skip: Hot pants 

Adopt: Tennis ball (or lime green)

Controversial and sometimes down-right impractical pants are by no means a new thing, a fact that was further lamented by reader Georgia. “Some pants are just too much, like hot pants, for instance. It’s just a hard “no” for me, as far as a going out look. I’m sure it’ll look good on others, and I may shoot it indoors, but I can see it just being so uncomfortable to go out in,” she told us.  

It might be challenging to pull-off hot pants outside, but Georgia’s favorite spring color trend, which we’ve dubbed as tennis ball (aka neon green) is certainly worth a try. “Obviously, no trend is entirely new as style is cyclical, but the color is a new thing to me, so I’m looking forward to experimenting with more vibrant in your face colors,” Georgia shared.

best spring 2021 fashion trends


@daleedasoomar, Courtesy of Dion Lee, Courtesy of Sandy Liang, Courtesy of LaQuan Smith, Courtesy of Supriya Lele

WHO: Daleeda Soomar 

Skip: Floral prints 

Adopt: G-String

Without fail, there is always a trend that comes back season after season, and for spring, that is floral prints. But reader Daleeda Soomar sees this season as a chance to embrace newer, more risqué fashion trends and drop the less-groundbreaking ones. As she quipped, “It's time to leave the florals in the garden this spring. It'll be cliché of me even to call it a cliché.” 

But, that doesn’t mean Soomar isn’t excited to make a statement this season. “I'm leaning towards the ‘G-String.’ Plucking it from the early 2000s is one way of elevating basic staples. Although it is on the racier end of the spectrum, one can always dial down the sultriness by tucking a monochromatic, simple T-shirt with the string over it. The perfect combination of subtle-yet-sexy, don't we all agree?” Well said.

best spring 2021 fashion trends


@fridabecker, Courtesy of Koche, Courtesy of Molly Goddard, Courtesy of K Krizia, Courtesy of Fendi

WHO: Frida Becker

Skip: Sporty sunnies

Adopt: Knee highs 

Knowing which trends will work is half the battle. It’s not so much that they are bad trends, but rather some trends won’t fit your style. For Frida Becker, the spring fashion trend that isn’t for her is sporty sunglasses. “I’ll be skipping this trend not because I don’t like the trend (some people can pull it off and make it look cool) but just not my style,” she explains. 

However, Becker is eager to incorporate another seasonal accessory into her everyday outfits.  “The one trend I do love and know will seamlessly fit into my current wardrobe is knee highs. I love how this trend has the power to change an entire outfit, and it’s also really affordable.”

best spring 2021 fashion trends


@ironnsalt, Courtesy of Dion Lee, Courtesy of Sandy Liang, Courtesy of Christopher Esber, Courtesy of Marques Almeida

WHO: Daniela Moreno

Skip: Draping

Adopt: Low-rise pants

Being able to discern which trend you’ll look your best in will help you weed out which spring 2021 fashion trends are worth the investment. For Daniela Moreno, the one trend she finds unflattering is draping. She remarked, “I am a petite person so the amount of fabric in draping is really unflattering to my body time. I also don't love how it visually looks, I don't think it accentuates a woman's body well.” 

Conversely, Moreno excited to try the low-rise trend this spring. “I hadn't been a fan of the low rise trouser since middle school, but the other day I saw a girl rocking that look and I'm thinking I'm going to attempt it this season. I love how relaxed, effortless, and cool it can be if done the right way.”

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best spring 2021 fashion trends


@thevisuelofgrace, Courtesy of Baum und Pferdgarten, Courtesy of Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Courtesy of Peter Do, Courtesy of Charlotte Knowles

WHO: Loïcka Grâce

Skip: Tennis ball (neon green)

Adopt: Pant layering 

Reader Loïcka Biampandou just can’t get behind the tennis ball color trend this season. “The tennis ball trend is the one that attracts me the least,” she confessed. “Fluorescents are a trend already seen among designers a few years ago; I don't think it's still in fashion today.” 

So what trend is Biampandou looking forward to wearing in 2021? She shared, “Layered pants. Layering is ideal to have an original and creative style, and it keeps you warm! You have to think about choosing the perfect mix and match of lighter and bigger pieces.”

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best spring 2021 fashion trends


@thestylishsoul, Courtesy of Victoria Beckham, Courtesy of Balenciaga, Courtesy of Etro, Courtesy of Chanel

WHO: Allison Romero

Skip: Low-rise pants 

Adopt: Baggy jeans

Pants in all their forms were prominent on the S/S 21 runways, but for Allison Romero, none were as cringe-worthy as low-rise pants.“I will 100% be skipping low rise pants. I feel like it works for some people, and I definitely wore it back in the early 2000s, but I just can't do it again,” she proclaimed. 

While Romero won’t be jumping on the low-rise pant trend, she is a fan of baggy jeans. “It may be a little basic, one of my favorite pants for spring is the baggy jeans trend we saw,” she shared. “I have been going crazy thrifting lose fitting pants lately, and I can't wait to style them with different textures and tighter fitting tops this spring! There's something so cool and laid back about a pair of slouchy pants.”

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best spring 2021 fashion trends


@loisopoku, Courtesy of Burberry, Courtesy of Acne Studios, Courtesy of Luca Tombolini for Gabriela Hearst, Courtesy of Emmanuel Monsalve for Christopher John Rogers

WHO: Lois Opoku

Skip: Draping 

Adopt: Tangerine 

Sure, it’s the second time draping has been skipped over on this list, but in reader’s Lois Opoku own words, “this trend can easily look unflattering and are just not my cup of tea.” And after all, the best spring trends of 2021 aren’t the niché ones, but the ones that are both the easiest to adopt and bring you joy. For Opoku, that trend happens to be the vibrant colors across S/S 21 runways.

I'm a huge fan of color, and I'm so excited to see more bold colors have hit the runway. From bubblegum pink to magenta, these are such fun colors to play around with and say goodbye to winter blues,” she exclaimed. “As far as which color I love the most, I cannot wait to wear tangerine!”

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