The Spice Girls Tour Has Me Reminiscing About Their Best Beauty Looks Ever

It's official: The Spice Girls are back, and their world tour is kicking off tonight in Dublin. I myself will be joining legions of diehard fans at Wembley in precisely 21 days (not that I'm counting) to watch Baby, Ginger, Scary and Sporty take to the stage and relive the '90s in the best way possible—with face glitter, crimped hair and plenty of lip liner.

Yes, the Spice Girls return has got me reminiscing about the best beauty trends of the '90s and all of the ways that our favourite five embraced them during their girl power reign. (Obviously, I'm aware that Posh Spice won't be making an appearance on tour, but there's no doubt that VB wore her own fair share of key '90s beauty trends at the time.)


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Iconic Spice Girls style moments aside, this one photo alone provides more nostalgia than an entire weekend spent binge-watching Friends on Netflix. We've got high ponytails, extremely thin eyebrows and more blue eye shadow than should ever be in one room—and, thankfully, there's plenty more where that came from.

Keep scrolling to discover the best Spice Girls beauty looks of all time.

Baby Spice

Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, had the cute, girly thing down to a T, this we know. A little creepy looking back? Certainly. While I personally reserve pigtails for when I'm washing my face, Emma's hair will certainly go down in the '90s beauty hall of fame. Along with Twiggy-esque black mascara, bubblegum pink lipstick and glittery eye shadow, Baby Spice definitely took a more-is-more approach to her beauty looks.


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Those iconic pigtails teamed with a piecey fringe. So '90s.


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Why wouldn't you match your lipstick to your shift dress?

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When glitter eye shadow doesn't feel quite enough—make it blue.

Ginger Spice

When it comes to stepping outside of the classic beauty boundaries, Geri Halliwell—aka Ginger Spice—was the beauty revolutionary of our time. From her trademark fiery red locks to her bright lipstick choices, Ginger was a beauty icon for those who didn't play by the rules.


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Gold glitter eye shadow + red lipgloss = a '90s dream.


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I'm as admiring of Geri's bouncy retro curls as Jennifer Aniston clearly was at the time.


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Showing off those classic '90s front highlights with a plastic headband. The silver eye shadow is just the icing on the cake.


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Posh Spice

Victoria Beckham might be a style icon now but, in the '90s, she was Posh Spice, and I firmly believe that her shiny lob was as iconic as Jennifer Aniston's The Rachel haircut. I will say this though, VB always kept it classic. This is '90s done chic. 


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That. Lob. 


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Brown lipliner and nude lip gloss was the ultimate '90s beauty pairing.


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When the lob was done, VB proved that a pixi crop could be just as stylish.

Scary Spice

My favourite Spice Girl of the bunch, Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, always seemed to have the most fun when it came to her beauty looks and her wardrobe. Instilling a penchant for leopard print in me at an early age, her quirky hairdos and fondness for glitter really stole my heart.


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I've spotted many an influencer rocking a hair ribbon recently. Maybe Scary Spice was onto something with this neon-trimmed space buns?


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Is it just me or does a tongue piercing scream '90s?

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I'll be co-ordinating my bikini with my sparkly eye shadow next time I'm at the beach.

Sporty Spice

When you think of Melanie Chisholm—aka Sporty Spice—you probably think of that high ponytail. But, I'm here to tell you that Mel C was way more than the height of her strands. In fact, she went on something of a hair journey during the Spice Girls, and I salute it.


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Yes, it's the high ponytail, but it's red. Remember when colourful hair extensions were a thing? I wish I didn't.


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Ah, the micro-fringe. Choppy bangs and layers were something of a rite of passage in the '90s.


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A Spice Girls two-for-one here with zig-zag partings and crimped hair abound.

Next up, this is the £220 hair tool that VB won't travel without.

Mica Ricketts