Simply Put, These Are the Best Slide Sandals on the Internet Right Now

The Best Slide Sandals for Women



If you’ve clicked into this story, it’s because you’re either in the market for a good pair of slide sandals or simply love to shop (whether or not you really need anything). Whichever way you sway, you’ve come to the right place because the below roundup will satisfy both groups. Since we are finally, officially, unequivocally in summer, I’ve gone ahead and scoured the internet for the absolute best slide sandals that brands and retailers have to offer right now. After all, it's one of the essential sandal types, so there’s no use buying anything other footwear for the season until you’ve got this base covered. And cover it you shall— from under-$40 steals to higher-end stunners, just keep scrolling to see and shop the 24 best slides worth buying right now, all in one place.  

Buckles make everything better.

Don't these just look so comfortable?

These make me wonder why we don't see more shoes in gray croc.

I'm taking notes on how chic these look with white jeans.

You'll want to wear these for the next five summers (at least).

I know I don't need these, yet somehow, I still want them.

No one will believe these expensive-looking sandals are from Topshop.

Raffia is an excellent touch.

White slides will help to lighten up all your looks.

These come in simpler colors and materials, but I was so drawn to this print.

A can't-go-wrong pick.

These neutral slides will go with everything while still making a statement thanks to the chunky straps.

There's a reason they keep making these beloved sandals year after year.

Yes, beige is still a very popular neutral among the fashion set.

These look as expensive as a lot of the pricier pairs in this roundup.

This is such a pretty shade of green.

Get a little extra height with no sacrifices on comfort.

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