21 Top-Selling Bulgari Perfumes That Just Scream Class



If you've never had the opportunity to experience Bulgari's selection of luxurious fragrances, you've been denied a unique olfactory expression of timeless sophistication. Founded in Rome in 1884 by silversmith Sotirio Bulgari, the brand quickly established itself as the peak of Italian excellence and craftsmanship for jewelry with striking designs and unmistakable motifs. The brand released its first fragrance in 1993 with Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert as the ultimate gift for its loyal jewelry customers. Refreshing and pure, this fragrance launched another legacy—one of exquisite perfumes that can only be described as the pinnacle of class.

Do you want to smell like a summer spent sunbathing on the Italian Riviera, dancing on the streets while celebrating the Festival of Lights in Lyon, or enamored by a passionate love affair? This is one line of fragrances you'll want to try. Keep reading to discover which of its best-selling perfumes need to be on your radar and in your shopping basket via Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdale's. 

Key Notes: Italian bergamot, green pepper, green tea accord, cardamom, tonka bean

Matcha tea lovers, this one's for you. This unisex perfume pays homage to the legacy and complexity of Japanese green tea; combining bright Italian bergamot citrus and earthy, green tea accord with warm beeswax and tonka bean. It's a floral, citrus fragrance that both awakens and embraces the senses.

Key Note: Rose

Bulgari's Allegra Magnifying line of fragrances offers an olfactory experience like no other; amplifying one note above all else. Unlike the classic, powdery rose that can be found in so many perfumes, this perfume is a blend of Bulgarian and Turkish roses with refined subtle woody notes.

Key Notes: Artemisia, white pepper, white tea accord, musk, woody amber

Inspired by the rare white Himalayan tea of Nepal, Bulgari's Eau Parfumée au thé Blanc mixes delicate Artemisia, white pepper, musk, and woody amber for a warm scent that's altogether opulent and familiar. Reach for this one whenever you need to reset the senses and realign the mind.

Key Notes: Lily of the valley, grapefruit, peony, rosebud, white musk

Fresh and floral, Rose Goldea Blossom Delight Eau de Toilette, is a celebration of spring flowers. It opens with a soft, transparent layer of Lily of the Valley with a blend of juicy grapefruit, delicate rosebuds, and peony at the heart of the fragrance. What's more, musk and sandalwood warmly embrace this eau de toilette.



Key note: Bergamot

I'll always gravitate towards citrus scents as a promise of warmer days ahead. The brand's Allegra Magnifying Bergamot fragrance boasts the unique olfactory experience of fresh-picked Calabrian bergamot orange with its sweet and crisp notes. It's even distilled to retain its freshness.

Key Notes: Osmanthus and benzoin

French perfumer Jacques Cavallier described this energetic Bvlgari fragrance as akin to the "emotion of a rendezvous in Rome." It's a luxurious blend of sparkling florals and amber with bright notes of osmanthus and apricot stirred together like your favorite fizzy cocktail.

Key Notes: Vanilla bourbon absolute, benzoin slam resinoid, oud assam essence

Is there anything better than smooth vanilla bourbon? After experiencing Bvlgari's new La Gemme Oram Eau de Parfum, I'm tempted to answer no. An intense, woody amber fragrance inspired by Madagascar, the eau de parfum boasts captivating vanilla bourbon essence and leathery oud.

Key Notes: Bergamot and neroli

Described by Cavalier as"the endless Italian vacation," Allegra Riva Solare is crafted from notes of sparkling citrus, sun-kissed orange blossoms, and neroli combined with accents of Osmanthus, mandarin, and sultry musks accord. One spray of this is guaranteed to transport you to the Italian Riviera.



Key Notes: Bergamot, citrus accord, neroli, bamboo, balsa wood

Capturing the delicate transparency of lotus flowers, Omnia Crystalline is a timeless fragrance that artfully blends the powdery, fresh fragrance of lotus flowers with juicy nashi pear and creamy balsa wood. That's right, it's the floral, woody, and fruity perfume you've been looking for.

Key Notes: Gardenia accord and vanilla essence

Described on the brand's official website as a love potion, "conjuring a deep desire to evoke Italian seduction," Allegra Baciami is inspired by famous Italian love affairs. It brims with velvety gardenia paired with warm vanilla for an unforgettable floral, amber fragrance you'll be obsessed with.

Key Notes: Petitgrain, white peach, vanilla

This one is my absolute favorite because of who it's for. Bulgari's Petits et Mamans Eau de Toilette is a delicate fragrance dedicated to the precious moments shared between mothers and children. Suitable for children aged 3 and over, this Eau de Toilette features notes of sweet mandarin, white peach, and vanilla.

Key Note: Vanilla

Bulgari's Allegra Magnifying Vanilla uses a blend of vanilla beans imported from the shores of Madagascar that have been dried in the sun to develop its complex facets. With its raw, leathery, and sexy notes, this is one perfume that's absolutely irresistible.



Key Notes: Musk and heliotrope

Cavallier describes this Bulgari perfume as, "the celebration of sweetness, of the Italian family cocoon." Boasting powdery florals with the creaminess of desert, Italian citrus, and musk accord for a powdery finish, the perfume transports you to an Italian pasticcerria.

Key Note: Myrrh

Every fragrance roundup needs a perfume with a fun and unique scent. Allegra Magnifying Myrrh combines a vibrant licorice note with sensual resin that's fresh and warm. Looking for more florals, amber, or spice? Try mixing and matching with your favorite other Allegra Eau de Parfums.

Key Notes: Rose and prelude raspberry

Bulgari's Flori d'Amore is described by Cavalier on the brand's website as, "a red rose—fresh, velvety, and fruity." It captures the energy of a passionate Italian love with a bright bouquet of Turkish and Bulgarian red roses underscored by prelude raspberry.

Key Notes: Ginger, sandalwood, labdanum

Here's another unisex perfume that deserves a place on your list of fragrances to buy (believe me, you'll want to make room for it). It's a fresh, woody, and spicy fragrance accented by notes of lively ginger and warm sandalwood.



Key Notes: Violet leaves, green papaya, rosebuds, lily of the valley, ambergris accord

This modern, floral eau de parfum combines infused rose petals and rosebuds for a youthful and bright fragrance that embodies the possibilities of the future. If you ask me which perfume I'm wearing this spring, there's a 99.9% chance that this will be my choice of the day.

Key Note: Musk

Crafted with ambrette, this warm and sultry fragrance is inspired by the intimacy of touch. It's a deceptively simple musk that's altogether sophisticated and timeless. I'm not usually one for perfumes with musky notes, but I love this one layered with their Allegra Magnifying Rose Eau de Parfum for a touch of fresh florals.

Key Notes: Patchouli and red peach

Cavallier describes this one as "the height of Italian sophistication in a perfume," and I would have to agree. Celebrating the energy of an extravagant party, this fragrance spotlights Indonesian patchouli combined with red peach accord and addictive vanilla. 

Key Note: Patchouli

Dark, earthy tones make this Eau de Parfum beyond enchanting. Made with patchouli sourced from Indonesia, this fragrance is distilled to amplify its gorgeous warm notes. The Eau de Parfum is enriched with woody and chypre facets to create a fragrance that's sensual and chic.

Key Notes: Iris and myrrh

Bulgari's new perfume embodies the magic and beauty of La Festa Della Luce, the popular Festival of Lights in Lyon, France, that takes place annually on December 8. Enchanting amber contrasts with notes of citrus and iris for a fruity, smoky, and warm scent that's unforgettable.