15 Epic Zara Beauty Products and the Fashion Item to Pair With Each

Zara beauty products



Very big news: Zara just launched its first official beauty collection, so you can now purchase a new eye shadow and outfit at the same time (proof that dreams do come true). In true Zara fashion, the inaugural beauty collection is filled with both bold and neutral products in sleek, modern packaging that would look glorious in any bathroom or handbag. And the genius formulas are everything we want to wear right now, including a slim demi-matte lipstick, loose-pigment eye shadows, and blush palettes. (Bonus: Every container is refillable.)

In celebration of this exciting launch, we did what any good Zara-obsessed fashion editor would do and selected the best clothing items to wear with some of our favorite beauty products. So if your reemergence style goals include a desire to subtly coordinate cosmetics and wardrobe, you've come to the right place. Read on to shop 15 stunning lip colors, eye shadows, bronzer, and more, plus the items to wear with them (all of which have a high potential of selling out).

Lilac Nail Polish + Pink Minidress

Maybe it's just me, but I'll never grow out of the sweet combo of pink and purple I loved as a kid.

Rose-Gold Cream Eye Shadow + Blue Statement Top

Rose-gold eye shadow with a blue top is a formula that'll make any eye color pop.

Orangy-Red Lipstick + White Dress

There's no better way to usher in summer than with a vibrant red lip and a white dress.

Bronzer + Pink Swimsuit

If you want to wear makeup with a swimsuit, this is the perfect product to do it with.

Sheer Pink Lipstick + Retro Miniskirt

Swing back to the '60s with a retro print and a pink lip.

Blush Palette + Orange Blazer

Choose a cheek color that's as bold as your blazer.

Pink Eye Shadow + Black-and-White Dress

When wearing black and white, feel free to experiment with any color on your lids.

Orange-Red Nail Polish + Black Top

The contrast of tropical-hued nails and a black top is a beautiful thing.

Earthy Eye Shadows + Denim Dress

These desert hues are the perfect pairing for a denim dress.

Nude Lipstick + Pastel Midi Dress

Nude lips and a pretty pastel dress are a no-fail combination.

Silver Cream Eye Shadow + Cutout Knit Top

A futuristic cutout top calls for a futuristic makeup look.

Brown Eye Shadow + Watercolor Shirt

If you don't want your eye shadow to compete with your multicolored shirt, opt for neutral shades.

Berry Lipstick + Crochet Cardigan

Berry lips and cream crochet are a chic nod to the '70s.

Classic Red Nail Polish + Trench Coat

This classic combination will never become dated.

Beachy Highlighters + Coral Matching Set

A shimmery glow is the perfect complement to a cute coral outfit.