Sandal Season Is Here, and These Are 42 of the Best Picks on the Internet

It's that time of year again—ahem, sandal season. For many, it's an exciting period where you can finally pack away the tights, put on a fresh coat of nail polish, and step out into the world in a cute pair of open-toe shoes. While the possibility of a whole new realm of footwear choices is exciting, that doesn't mean it doesn't have its own set of challenges. It's relatively common to fantasize about emerging in the perfect outfit, only to subsequently realize you don't own the right pair of shoes. And once you do know you're missing them from your wardrobe, it can be equally daunting to decide what type of sandal fits your needs. Add on top of the fact that there are so many different trends, places to shop, and price points that it can feel impossible to discern whether shoes are worth investing in. 

All of this is to say that that former feeling of excitement around frolicking in the sun in a great pair of sandals can quickly switch to exhaustion if you don't know where to find the best sandals for women. But to keep you from reaching that point, I've done some research to identify the eight most popular types of sandals based on runway trends, influencer outfits, and long-term wearability.

I've also shopped out the 48 best sandals online right now based on reviews, quality, comfort, various price points, and how stylish they are. Whether you're searching for a pair of sandals to add to your capsule wardrobe or want to find a fresher piece to add to your outfit rotation, I've got you covered. 

1. Strappy Flat Sandals 

fashion influencer wearing one of the best types of spring sandals for women: flat strappy sandals



One of the safest investments you can make in terms of footwear for spring is a pair of flat sandals. After all, you know for sure this style is not only comfortable but can also be worn with just about anything, making it one of the most important items you can purchase for your wardrobe. And while there are so many different types of flat sandals you can choose from, I recommend opting for a pair that's a bit more strappy to make the classic style feel trend-forward. 

Shop the style:

If you're searching for the best value on a budget, you'll want to shop from Charles & Keith. 

Dear Frances's sandals make a great long-term investment. 

The vibrant orange hue of these sandals makes them perfect for summer weather. 

These sandals have a memory foam lining, which means they're more supportive of your arches. 

Pro tip: Opt for sandals with little touches like wrap-up ankle straps to make the staple feel special. 

You can buy these now and wear them for years to come. 

2. Wedges

fashion influencer wearing one of the best types of spring sandals for women: wedges



ICYMI, wedges have made a major comeback. But these aren't the chunkier versions you're likely acquainted with from the past. Recent iterations of this style are far more contemporary, thanks to elements like sculptural heels, slinky straps, and sleek patent leathers. The modern take on this once "dated' sandal style makes it the ideal investment for spring. 

Shop the style:

These sandals are made from kidskin leather, which is a softer fabrication that ensures the straps won't cause chaffing on your feet. 

On a strict budget? These wedges are more wallet-friendly option. 

The contrasting brown wood heel on these mules is sublime. 

I own these wedges, and one thing I love about them is that the silhouette is versatile enough to allow them to be styled with just about any piece in your closet. 

You can also shop this style in black, too! 

Please stop scrolling to admire the architecture heel on these wedges. 

3. Thongs

fashion influencer wearing one of the best types of spring sandals for women: thongs, flip flops



As much as there may be a "bad" reputation for thong sandals being too casual, the truth is the right pair can work for special occasions or weekend errands. The key to making this style feel elevated is to avoid those "touristy" plastic flip-flops associated with this style and instead purchase a pair with more luxurious materials (e.g., leather straps, metal hardware, and trending soles).

Shop the style:

If you want a more "formal' pair of flip-flops, opt for those with a kitten heel. 

The great thing about these sandals is that they're perfect for everyday wear. 

Having at least one pair of black flip-flops that you can throw on for a warm day is never a bad call. 

The circular hardware on these flip-flops gives this classic silhouette a modern touch. 

These J.Crew thong sandals come in four other colorways. 

The interlocking Gucci logo on the sole of these flip-flops is so luxurious. 

4. Strappy Heeled Sandals 

fashion influencer wearing one of the best types of spring sandals for women: strappy sandals



Season after season, one style remains an essential part of building a stylish warm-weather wardrobe: strappy-heeled sandals. The great thing about this silhouette is how versatile the styling possibilities are—you can wear them to work, to weddings, or whenever you're feeling fancy. Just be sure to opt for a pair in a neutral hue (or color you love) so that you can get the most possible wear out of the style. 

Shop the style:

Over half of the reviews on these strappy sandals are good. 

Obsessed with the architectural heel on these sandals. 

The mirrored heel elevates this slinky sandal. 

PSA: Metallic sandals are a staple for any spring wardrobe. 

The benefit of investing in a pair of sandals with a suede insole (like the pair above) is that they have a bit more grip while you walk. Plus, they look prettier too. 

5. Slides

fashion influencer wearing one of the best types of spring sandals for women: flat slide sandals



While slinkier footwear is super popular, if your feet are easily irritated, you might want to invest in a more effortless style. One potential option that's ultra-comfortable is flat slide sandals. Don't be fooled, though; just because this style is more practical doesn't mean you must wear those cliché pool slides. Designers have reinvented this staple by opting for minimal silhouettes that feature woven and crochet straps, luxe leathers, and neutral hues. Making it arguably one of the best types of sandals you can buy for the new season. 

Shop the style:

The woven straps make these slides look more expensive than they are.

These minimal slides also come in beige, baby blue, pink, ivory, and lilac. 

The silhouette of these handcrafted leather sandals makes them the perfect long-term investment because they aren't too trendy. 

For those who reside in a city, the slightly raised sole on these slides allows your feet to be further away from the pavement without opting for a full platform sandal.

6. Mules

fashion influencer wearing one of the best types of spring sandals for women: heeled mules



Are slides a bit too casual for your day-to-day wardrobe? That is totally understandable. There's another sandal style that's a bit more formal and just as functional: mules. This sandal silhouette always returns every single season because of its infinite styling possibilities and timeless sensibilities. You really can't go wrong with investing in any version of this sandal, but should you want a style that's a bit more trend-forward, opt for a pair with details like buckles, slinky straps, and sculptural heels. 

Shop the style:

Note the ultra-cute crossover straps layered across the band on these sandals. 

The kitten heel on these mules ensures you can wear them for longer stretches of time sans pain. 

Want to support a Black-Owned footwear brand? Look no further than Chelsea Paris's collection, which features sophisticated footwear all made in Italy. 

Why choose between investing in a pair of slinky sandals or mules when you can choose a style that melds both together?

I own a few pairs of shoes from BY FAR, and the quality is unparalleled by other brands. 

Are you searching for a pair of size-inclusive sandals for the spring? Sadi Studios offers stylish footwear in sizes 5-16. 

7. Platform Sandals

It's no secret that platform shoes have been a big trend on and off the runway since last spring. While we might have thought this footwear trend was fleeting (myself included) after scouring retailers searching for the best sandals for this story, it's hard to deny this style's continued relevance. There are so many different iterations of platform sandals (from wedges to thongs to chunky heels and slides), making it one of the most versatile styles you can purchase for spring. 

Shop the style:

You can't talk about the resurgence of platform shoes without mentioning the brand that brought them back into the fold, Versace. 

The great thing about these two-tone platform flip-flops is that they'll match many pieces in your closet. 

Here's a pair of platforms with rave reviews. 

You don't have to spend a ton of money to have a pair of sandals that look expensive. Find a pair with unique design details (e.g., these platform sandals with contrasting white stitching) to ensure your footwear feels luxurious.

Nordstrom shoppers rate these wrap-up platform sandals highly. 

8. Sculptural Sandals 

fashion influencer wearing one of the best types of spring sandals for women: statement sandals



Last but certainly not least, there's one more popular sandal style that's worth noting: sculptural sandals. Whether scrolling through runway collections, street style imagery, or the new arrival section on Saks, it's hard to deny the growing popularity of sandals with sculptural heels. And while this style may not be the most practical out of all the other silhouettes listed in this story, they're not to be dismissed. One can argue that it's equally as important to own staple footwear styles as it is to own a pair of statement sandals. From a practical perspective, sculptural sandals can be what you turn to spice up a spring capsule wardrobe or pull together the perfect outfit for a special occasion. And from an emotional point of view, something can be said about investing in a pair of shoes that bring you joy. Because at the end of the day, the best sandals aren't just the ones that are a great price or are functional, but they're the ones that you're excited about wearing every time you pull them out of your wardrobe. 

Shop the style:

It doesn't get more spring-ready than a pair of sandals with a tulip-heel. 

Now here's a pair of sandals that are sure to put some spring into your step (quite literally). 

The acrylic heel on this sandal gives a whole new meaning to the term "wearable art."

You can style these sandals with everything from a cotton midi dress to a matching linen suit set. 

Season after season, Kat Maconie always manages to make the most fun statement sandals. 

For collectors everywhere, Brandon Blackwood's foray into footwear is a must-shop. 

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