Swap Out Your Watch for These Rose Gold Styles


Collage Vintage

While silver and yellow gold are mainstays in most jewelry boxes, rose gold has been gaining momentum over the last few years. The pink-tinted hue offers a look that feels fresh and softer than some of the other more traditional metals. With the unwavering popularity of Millennial Pink, it’s no surprise that the trend is making its way to accessories, and right now, we’re seeing it pop up in watches.

Luxury designers like Cartier and Bulgari have been incorporating rose gold into their iconic designs, as have brands like Nixon and Larsson & Jennings, whose more affordable pieces allow you to try out the trend without a huge investment. So why not add a flash of the pretty hue to your wrist? We suggest wearing it on its own or layered with other stackable bracelets for a fashion-forward look. Ahead, shop the best rose gold watches starting at just $109.