I Ordered 4 of Reformation's Top Cardigans, and I See Why Everyone's Obsessed

Something I often mention on here when writing about Reformation is that yes, Reformation is home to many pretty dresses and it'll always be known for that originally, but there is so much more to the brand than pretty dresses alone. These days, it makes everything from denim to shoes, and all of the categories, in addition to pretty dresses, deserve your attention. Specifically, I'm here to talk about Reformation's cardigans.

You may have already heard about what many would consider Reformation's It item of fall 2022: its viral Fantino Cardigan, a collared, buttoned, and oversize sweater that's sold out and restocked multiple times. I had the pleasure of trying it, and three other incredible sweaters on, and can confirm that the hype is very much warranted. 

Scroll to see how four of Reformation's top cardigans look IRL and discover why I think they're worth it—and shop them, of course.

Reformation Fantino Cashmere Collared Cardigan

After seeing this cardigan on Instagram and TikTok and watching it quickly sell out and restock and sell out again, I was thrilled to get my hands on it. There are tons of ways to style it, so you can rest assured that you'll get your money's worth. I ordered it in an XS, which was perfect, as it's quite oversized. (I typically order a S in Reformation sweaters.) And since it's cashmere, it's also super soft.


(Image credit: @allypayer)


(Image credit: @allypayer)


(Image credit: @allypayer)

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Reformation Giusta Oversized Cashmere Cardigan

I wasn't sure how this one would look on me, as it's rather long and I'm rather short (5'4"), but I was pleasantly surprised. It drapes really nicely and although it's quite oversized it doesn't look sloppy—it just looks cool. I love it buttoned, but I really love it layered over a tank top.


(Image credit: @allypayer)


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(Image credit: @allypayer)

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Reformation Novara Regenerative Wool Cardigan

I was intrigued by this particular cardigan because unlike the others that I tried, it's a bit fitted. It makes it great for wearing with things like baggy jeans and puddle pants, which I like to balance out with something that's not quite as baggy. The wide sleeves are fun, and it would look great with everything from jeans to fancier items, like the velvet slip skirt I paired it with.


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(Image credit: @allypayer)


(Image credit: @allypayer)

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Reformation Val Regenerative Wool Cardigan

I love a bejeweled button situation, so trying this one was a must. It's the perfect cardigan for when you want to be a little bit fancy but also just want to be comfortable and warm. It's super soft and the cropped length makes it great for wearing with all of the high-waisted jeans, skirts, and trousers that I own. I highly recommend investing in it, especially for the holiday season.


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(Image credit: @allypayer)

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