I Asked 23 People for Their Best Quarantine Purchase—Here's What They Said

I'm guilty of impulsive purchases year-round, so you can only imagine the types of things I've accumulated over the past few months while in quarantine. My list includes everything from the face ice roller that I now use every single morning to these super practical heeled sandals that I've worn a total of one time for two minutes the day they were delivered. (But I love them, and they are on sale!)

Assuming I couldn't possibly be the only one who has done their fair share of online shopping since March, I thought it would be interesting—or at the very least humorous—to know what other people have bought. So I asked 23 of my friends, family, and co-workers to share their favorite quarantine purchase thus far. There are some serious skincare and fashion gems here, and a few home items I may or may not have since purchased.

Stylish face protective masks



"I’m definitely guilty of a few impractical quarantine purchases, but this tie-dye mask (matching scrunchie included!) is practical, on-trend, and sustainable. They even donate 10% of the proceeds to the International Rescue Committee, so it’s a feel-good buy, too." — Emma Nyren

Tie-dye tops



"This metallic knit swimsuit is exactly what I needed to boost my spirits during this time. I love the pale-blue hue combined with the subtle shine woven throughout. Since this suit is knit, it is truly one of the most comfortable bikinis I've ever worn. I posted this picture to my Instagram story the day it arrived and my co-worker ended up messaging me and buying it in silver the very same day. Are you next? I think so." — Lauren Eggertsen

Summer bucket hats



"I pretty much don’t go outside unless I have a hat on (sunscreen, too, duh!) and this one from Ganni has given me motivated to get out of the house more." — Kelly Kaufman

Best skincare products



"I’ve never had any other product transform my skin like this one. Super glowy and fresh." — Marissa Mackel

"I don’t skate through life—I walk through life… in really nice shoes." — Dave Klibanoff

New York–girl shopping



"I know I'm late to the party, but now I truly understand the hype when it comes to Birkenstocks. They match whatever I wear for my daily socially distant walks (which is mostly sweats, if I'm being honest) and are so effortlessly chic and comfortable." — Atalie Gimmel

Best affordable top



"I’ve been ballin’ on a budget this quarantine since I’m partially furloughed. I did a shopping haul at Forever 21 to spruce up my summer wardrobe and get a birthday outfit. This is the top I wore, and I’m so happy with the quality and price. Highly recommend!" — Alexis Rutter

Skin treatment



"Between being up all night with my sleep-regressing one-year-old and working from home, the stress was starting to make a special appearance on my skin. I picked up this much-loved moisturizer for some skin TLC, and it's the best thing I could have done to reverse signs of fatigue." — Nayiri Massmanian

"If I’m going to be in loungewear for quarantine, I’m going to look cute." — Jordie Mallace

Summer skincare



"As soon as quarantine started, I decided to take my self-care to the next level! My favorite purchase so far is my Skin Gym set. I love taking the time to nurture my skin and reduce inflammation anyway that I can!" — Maddie Jaime

"High fives to my partner, Jake, who bought me these as a surprise the other week after hearing my fellow editor Nayiri say she got them for her husband for Father's Day. Basically, my commute meant that I never trusted my klutzy self to have wireless AirPods, but now that I'm not worried about dropping things down the gap on the subway, I can admit I should have just got them ages ago. Favorite usage so far: Wearing them in the shady spot on my rooftop to hear my online yoga class while my computer is wayyyy in the opposite corner of the roof (where I can get wifi from the building next door). 10/10 gift idea." — Natalie Cantell

"I might look crazy walking around my neighborhood with this giant visor, but my face, neck, and shoulders are totally shielded from the sun. (No premature aging or wrinkles here!)" — Evelyn Hitchcock

"This may not seem like the most exciting purchase in a four-month period of time, but I haven't had a single day of chapped lips since my co-worker Caitie told me about this lip balm. It really does keep your pout plump and creaseless." — Aralyn Beaumont




"I live in these every day, and though they're kind of spendy, they really are the perfect denim short for this summer." — Matthew Meyer

Over-60 skincare picks



"I’ve been a regular user of this brand for a million years. I just discovered this product and I swear it makes me look like I’m 21 again." — Jodi Bushkin

Lymphatic-drainage massage



"I bought this a few months ago and have used it every single day. I feel like I've noticed a huge improvement in everything from feeling less bloated to minimizing the appearance of my cellulite. I use it in the morning before showering: I focus on one side of my body, using different parts of the paddle about 5 to ten times before moving on to the next section. It's basically giving yourself a rubdown while helping with lymphatic drainage. Intrigued? Watch this Melissa Wood video, and you won't need any more convincing." — Caitie Bellamy

Los Angeles photos



"During quarantine, I bought the perfect pair of comfortable walking shoes. They are great for long social-distance walks outside." — Devin Donahue

"My roommate and I have a Thursday tradition in quarantine: cocktails and reality television. It's been the activity that I look forward to most every week. After our first night, I bought some cuter glasses to make the occasion even more special." — Anneliese Dominguez

"My best quarantine purchase is a Frieling French press. It makes such great coffee that —for a fleeting moment—I can pretend I'm actually out at a coffee shop instead of trapped indoors for the foreseeable future." — Nico Bellamy

Summer athleisure outfit



"May Lindstrom's Blue Cocoon is the greatest thing since sliced bread… very expensive sliced bread." — Amy Sucher

Denim outfits



"I am always freezing, so I’ve thrown this on every single day. This specific collection helps bring awareness to mental health. During these uncertain times, it serves as a nice reminder to take things one day at a time. Also, 10% of sales go toward mental health resources." — Haley Kiss

"These socks are seriously the softest, and they're created by women and make me feel like I'm in a '70s dreamland." — Haley Itkin

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