25 Cute Pajama Sets That Are Making Me Say R.I.P. to All My Real Clothes

Best Pajamas for Women



Before this past year, I owned maybe one or two matching sets of cute pajamas. For the most part, I was still making use of my middle-school T-shirts and pajama pants that I forgot when (or where) I even purchased. It wasn't till I had to spend more time at home and took a break from my previous life of hustle and bustle that I realized investing in a solid pair of sleepwear is absolutely worth it. My friends always pushed me to get cute pajamas, and I can say I am now 100% on board with the hype and am sorry I didn't get on board sooner.

Not only did the act of getting ready for bed with a cute pair of PJ's have me looking forward to my night-time routine, but it also meant I could lounge around in the same fit all day and still feel put together. For so long I've invested in special pieces for going out, so why not give the same treatment for the clothes I was spending my favorite part of the day—sleeping—in? If you're also trying to up your pajama game, I've rounded up 25 sets that are not only cute but just as cozy too. Be prepared to only want to wear what's below from here on out.

Don't sleep on Target's sleepwear offering, their pieces are some of the softest I own.

Fellow Who What Wear editors rave about the comfort of Nordstrom's pajamas.

How can you not fall for that shade of blush?

The coolest pajamas on the market right now.

The word "cozy" is quite literally in the name of this.

This comes in four different prints for you to choose from.

You could wear this out and no one would guess you're wearing pajamas.

I'm obsessed with this more relaxed take on tie-dye. 

How could anyone not feel good while wearing this?

Perfect for transitioning into spring.

Kim Kardashian knows how to market a comfy set.

Bubblegum pink is trending for 2021, so why not incorporate it into your sleepwear?

Leave it to Ganni to design a sleepwear set you'll want to wear outside, too.

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