You Won't Know a Good Night's Sleep Until You Try These 7 Sleepwear Brands


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Every night at my house is a pajama party, and it happens to be the clothing category that I spend most of my money on. Why? Having the right pj's on is a game changer for my evening routine. The second I put on a glamorous set, with its feathery details and embellishments, I feel my inner rich mom come to life. It encourages me to spend twice as long on my skincare routine, open a book, write in my journal, and then fall asleep like a baby.

And so, my obsession with pajamas lives on. The number of compliments that I get from the few people lucky enough to catch a glimpse of my collection is what really keeps me going. I'll always be adding new styles to my closet, and the seven brands below are just a few names worth mentioning, but they're truly the best. Shop them below for a good night's sleep.

1. Lunya


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I have to start with Lunya. Every fashion person I know has one of its sets and wears it daily. Made with the intention of taking your evening and morning routines to the next level, each of its pieces will help you make the most of that "me" time we all treasure. The fabrics speak for themselves so you just have to give this brand a try. 

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2. Maison Essentiele


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I still remember the first time I noticed Maison Essentiele during my daily scroll of one of my favorite retailers. The brand instantly caught my eye. The silky fabrics looked so soft I felt like I could touch them through the screen. Instant luxury.

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3. Sleeper


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We can't talk about sleepwear without mentioning the coveted brand Sleeper. It's known for breaking the internet with the Instagram-viral feathered pajama set. It brings so much more than its hero piece to the table with a collection of breezy linen sets that are perfect for summer.

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4. Olivia von Halle


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When you think of sleepwear brands that give off celebrity energy, your mind should instantly go to Olivia von Halle. Every piece in its collection exudes luxury with whimsical prints and classic silhouettes. Owning one of these pieces would be a dream come true.

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5. Skims


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We all know and love Skims for its shapewear, but really, it's the sleepwear that I think everyone should be buzzing about. I've never felt better than when I wore the brand's lightweight slip dress, and now I need to try the other styles. Mixing and matching has never been easier.

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6. Desmond & Dempsey


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Desmond & Dempsey is just another love-at-first-sight moment for me. Its adventurous prints inspire dreams of wanderlust and magic. A love story is part of the background of this brand, as the founders fell in love and began a long-distance relationship. On one of their first visits to see each other, something went missing on the packing list, so they set out on a hunt for pajamas. When they didn't find what they were looking for, they knew it was time to start a brand of their own.

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7. H&M


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One of the quickest checkouts for a frequent shopper like me, H&M delivers in the pajama category. If you're looking to update your collection with a lot of new pieces at once, you'll definitely need to shop here. My goal is to wear a new set that I'm obsessed with every day of the week, and I can definitely do that without breaking the bank here.

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