We Have 82 Manicure Ideas Saved on IG, But Here Are the 23 We'd Actually Request

We follow so many nail artists responsible for bejeweled, striped, swirled, jellied, glassed manicures on Instagram. In fact, our feeds have a healthier sprinkling of looks than a Lofthouse sugar cookie. Being the beauty and fashion fiends we are—and since nails are truly a melding of both industries—we take screenshots like it’s our job (it actually kind of is) and save them for a rainy day. Okay, not necessarily a not rainy day—any day we feel like doting over something pretty or heading into one of our favorite nail salons for a week-making manicure, really.

Since our cups currently runneth over with inspiration, we thought we might as well put our drool-worthy curation to actual use and share them with you, our favorite nail- and mani-loving subjects. Of course, it was hard to choose, since we have 80+ images saved, pinned, and stored, but we put the work in to scroll through our data and scrutinize every last image in an effort to curate a showstopping gallery of the best nail designs on Instagram right now, many of which come courtesy of our favorite nail artists, accounts, polish houses, and salons. Keep scrolling!

L.A.-based nail artist Hang Nguyen describes this look as “Sideways-dipped gems,” and we’re completely captivated.

That moment when nails meet Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and look chic AF. 

An eye-catching 3D moment—look at those bitsy beads!

Inspired by the whimsy of Missoni, Nguyen used Essie Nail Colors in Beyond Cozy ($9), City Slicker ($9), and Night Owl ($9) in addition to Nails Inc. polish in Bossing It ($11). We also have Ty Dolla $ign’s “Wavy” stuck in our heads now. 

Just call us the girl with the pearl manicure.

Not into overly precious looks? This serpentine nail design is the sleekest antidote. 

Fittingly dubbed “halochrome” by Nguyen, this ethereal sheen of glitter comes courtesy of OPI’s Chrome Collection and its nail polish in Bubble Bath ($11).

This confetti-esque reverse French manicure is pretty much the only accessory you need. Plus, we love a great hot pink–and-black moment. 


Hot wheels for your nails. And yes, we recommend opting for the super-long length to complement the flames.

No, we probably couldn’t execute this one at home, but we’re just as happy to stare at it for days on our screens, if nothing else.

Whitewashed roses instantly update the squared-off French vibe for an ultra-fresh nail design reminiscent of the Victorian era. 

Normally we wouldn’t condone jam-packing your tips with three plus nail trends, but this triple-threat manicure featuring marble, gold foil, turquoise, and almond-shaping is a screen shot–worthy exception.

It’s not for the faint of heart, but we very much stan this neon-green leopard manicure completed with crystals.

Rainbow fish scales have never looked so glamorous. 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

We forever have gingham on the brain, and now we want it on our nails ASAP. 

Most pivotal nail trend to try before you die: scarlet cat-claw jellies.

Name a more iconic way to accessorize denim—we’ll wait. 

Crystal-studded manicures are one of the biggest trends in the nail industry right now. And yes, we’ve tried it.

Slime green is still very much a thing, so go ahead and thank us later for this color ID: Essie Nail Polish in Blanc ($8) as a base topped with Stencil Me In ($11).

We’re smitten and, sorry, starry-eyed. 

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