These Summer Accessories Have Hit Their Expiration Dates

People often forget that summer is a hard season to dress for. In the sweltering heat, there are no opportunities for layering, so it can be hard for your look to not feel basic. That's when fashion people call on their greatest asset, a stunning collection of accessories that instantly elevate any look.

An outfit made up of a boring tank top and denim shorts is really taken to the next level when you simply add an on-trend hat, some jewelry, or a handbag to complete the look. As I prepare to style up the many outfits I'm going to wear this summer, I'm doing a bit of a closet cleanout of the outdated pieces that are just not feeling as fantastic as they used to. On my way to the donation bin, I am here to tell you about the six summer accessories that have hit their expiration dates.

Skip: Standard Bucket Hat
Shop: Crochet Bucket Hat

The craze over the standard bucket hat was something you just couldn't ignore. Everywhere I went at one point, I saw people wearing it. It's been so fun to watch the trend evolve to an oversize silhouette, but this summer, you're going to see the fashion set wearing a shrunken iteration. Made from crocheted fabrics, it will stand out in the crowd.

Shop the trend:

Skip: Long Pendant Necklaces
Shop: Pearl Detailing

Every little detail counts, and while jewelry may be small, it can really make all the difference. Long pendant necklaces with bold stones and motifs used to be a winner, but right now, everyone is all about pearl jewelry. From Kamala Harris to Sydney Sweeny, celebrities of all sorts have adopted this stone and so have the fashion set.

Skip: Summer Shawls
Shop: Timeless Belts



A strong belt can transform any outfit into a look. Especially when I'm playing into my basics, such as wearing loose trousers and a white tank, adding a belt can make all the difference. The one common thread I noticed in every runway show this past season was bold belts. Designers are loving a cinch at the waist and so am I.

Shop the trend:

I haven't stopped thinking about this belt since I first saw it.

My chain belt is the gift that keeps on giving.

Skip: Camera Bags
Shop: Soft Leather Totes



Camera bags had a very long shelf life in my closet. I loved the structured silhouette they had. Now, I'm kindly donating and selling them with a much chicer replacement in mind. Soft leather totes are bigger than ever plus oh so practical. When a trend comes along that makes life easier, it's always worth the investment.

I've had my eye on this tote for a while, and I think it makes for such a great investment.

Skip: Espadrilles
Shop: Platform Sandals



I've been wanting to wear flats more often, but the style is a tad bit out of my comfort zone. I'm used to having some height, so I've decided to buy into the platform-sandal trend. You'll be as comfortable as you would be in flats and look very on-trend. Espadrilles were fun, but this trend brings a lot more spice.

This is the It shoe of the summer, and I think I need to get in on it.

Skip: Tiny Sunglasses
Shop: Oversize Frames

Tiny sunglasses had a very big moment with the model-off-duty set for many years, but we're finally heading back to our Y2K roots. Oversize sunglasses are back and bigger than ever.

My favorite pair of under-$20 sunglasses.