The 9 Best Maternity Brands to Dress Up Your Baby Bump

When you're pregnant, we know that the last thing you want to do is sacrifice your amazing style during those exciting nine months. Yes, your growing belly won’t fit into those skinny jeans you’re used to wearing all the time and you may find yourself gravitating toward more comfortable, flowing silhouettes. But maternity style doesn’t have to be synonymous with wearing sweats everywhere. Instead, it’s all about tailoring the pieces you know and love to accommodate this small human that’s growing inside you. Unfortunately, when it comes to shopping for these new pieces, most of the clothes aimed at expectant mothers leave a bit to be desired.

With that in mind, we spoke with stylist and influencer Angela Fink, whose baby bump style is incredibly chic, about the brands she loved to wear when pregnant with her daughter. Surprisingly, she admits to only owning a handful of maternity-specific pieces during her pregnancy. "One reason I did that was because I didn't think I needed to change my style that much and I wanted to wear items that weren't maternity. I felt I could go the whole pregnancy with buying into oversized or forgiving silhouettes. It worked," shes says.

Keep reading to shop the pieces Angela swore by while pregnant as well as eight more brands (maternity-specific and straight-sized) that every stylish mother should know about.